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June 8, 2012

Brit women think about fashion 91 times per day and 30 days per year

London: British women think about fashion 91 times a day - that’s once every 11 minutes and 23 seconds and a total of 30 days in a year, a study has revealed. It was also found that the average man thinks about sex around 20 times a day with the average woman thinking about it only half as often. “It sounds like a heck of a lot but when you look at it logically, the figure makes sense. Compared to 15 or 20 years ago, fashion is so engrained in our culture nowadays – it’s all around us and is rarely more than a glance away, from billboards to magazines, to TV and the internet, not to mention the rise of celebrity and reality culture,” the Daily Mail quoted fashion expert Mark Heyes as saying. “What’s more thinking about fashion more often means we’re likely to dress better – and in my eyes that’s a good thing!” he said. The findings come from a poll by Online retailer, Very.co.uk which surveyed 1000 British women between 18 and 25. Respondents were asked to count every time they turned their attention to clothes and accessories from perusing online fashion retail sites to daydreaming, real life window-shopping and even clocking the outfits of others out and about. The survey also found that the total amount of time spent contemplating fashion on any given day is one hour and 19 minutes. That totals to 30 days spent every year. Over ten percent of respondents admitted to thinking about fashion more than anything else on a daily basis – including friends, family and work. Contrary to expectations, instead of shoes and bags 38 percent of the times women are thinking about dresses. Nearly one third of those questioned admitted to taking over six separate peeks at online fashion sites in an average day while 62 percent claimed to regularly drift off at work and get caught up in fashion daydreams. The survey also noted that a geographical divide as the frequency of the nation’s fashion thoughts. Birmingham women top the chart thinking about fashion a massive 117 times per day. That’s nine more times than Londoners and 53 times more than those living in Cardiff who obviously have other things on their minds. “For many young women fashion is so much more than a casual hobby or mild interest – it’s a way of life, and the results of the survey confirm that,” Rebecca Elderfield, Very.co.uk Style Director, explained. 1 Birmingham : 117 fashion thoughts 2 London : 108 fashion thoughts 3 Liverpool : 90 fashion thoughts =4 Leeds – 87 fashion thoughts =4 Norwich – 87 fashion thoughts 5 Newcastle – 84 fashion thoughts 6 Brentwood – 82 fashion thoughts 7 Bristol – 80 fashion thoughts 8 Glasgow – 75 fashion thoughts 9 Cardiff – 64 fashion thoughts

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