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August 29, 2012

Shampoo made from animal placenta claims to leave hair `shiny and bouncy`

London: Beauty products including face creams and shampoos that contain extracts of animal placenta are becoming increasingly popular. It has been claimed that the structure, also known as afterbirth, which forms around the fetus in the first stage of all mammalian pregnancies, can help rejuvenate body cells and ward off signs of aging. Now, it is being used in new haircare products. La Bella shampoo and conditioner, stocked at several retailers including Amazon.com and Walgreens claims to contain a ‘special placenta enzyme’, which will help restore ‘shine and bounce’ to hair, the Daily Mail reported. Both products use extracts of cow and sheep placenta in their formulations. The practice of using placenta on the hair and skin is believed to have been popular in ancient Egypt , while Marie Antoinette is believed to have consumed it as a nutritious drink.

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