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April 11, 2010

Mumbai’s arts academy celebrates International Dance Day

Mumbai:The Shree Paavitra Arts Academy celebrated the 28th International Dance Day at the Worli Nehru Science Center here on Saturday. The founder of the Shree Paavitra Arts Academy , Nandini Ashok and dancer Carlyta Mouhini danced to a Flamenco fusion on this occasion. The dance was a fusion of Salsa and Bharatnatyam. Addressing the function, Nandini Ashok said dance to her, is beyond art form and that it is a very spiritual and fulfilling experience. "Inviting an artist from another state, unless you have a solid reason towards it, there is no possibility of inviting them, that is my personal vision. And to invite them and make them perform, and also give a clean vision to the viewers about different forms of art, because India is very rich with different cultures and different formation of dance. And we don't get to see all of them at one stage, so this is a good platform," said Ashok. She added that her main aim is to keep alive traditional dance forms so that the future generations could learn of India 's heritage. "So in Shree Paavitra , we create different ballets, and through the ballets we make the children perform. So when they perform in different ballets, number one, they learn the mythology of our country. Number two; it gets on to them as to how to emote different characters within a span of four months,” Ashok added. Ashok said the Shree Paavitra is struggling to spread art among youngsters “The main vision of Shree Paavitra is to make sure that the art is spread among the younger children and also to the adults who always feel that 'oh, I wish I could dance'," said Ashok. The dances performed at the function included Kalarippayattu, Vilasini Natyam and Bharatnatyam.

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