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October 15, 2015
Alternative train booking scheme for wait-listed rail passengers from Nov 1
NEW DELHI: The Railways has introduced a new ticket booking facility called Alternative Train Accommodation Scheme ((ATAS or Vikalp) in which wait-listed passengers of a train can opt for automatic allocation of confirmed accommodation in other preferred trains.

The system is being introduced from November 1. It will be initially only for the tickets booked through internet as a pilot project for six months and that too on Delhi-Lucknow and Delhi-Jammu sectors of the Northern Railway.

The wait-listed passengers of a train can opt for confirmed accommodation in alternative trains in the pilot scheme. A separate list of passengers transferred in alternative train will be pasted along with the confirmed and waitlist charts.

The main features of the scheme are:-

  • The ATAS will be launched under the name 'Vikalp.'
  • It will be on pilot basis.
  • Applicable only for the tickets booked through internet.
  • Initially limited to Delhi-Jammu and Delhi-Lucknow sectors.
  • The scheme is presently being implemented only across Mail/Express trains.
  • No extra charges shall be levied and no refund shall be provided for difference in fares.
  • The scheme is applicable to all waiting-listed passengers.
  • Booking quota and concession included.
  • The pilot phase applies to pre-designated trains.
  • Those waitlisted after charting will only be considered for allotment.
  • Either all passengers of a PNR or none will be transferred to alternative train in same class.
  • The cluster of stations applicable have been defined by Railways.
  • The ATAS opted passengers who have been provided accommodation in the alternative train will not figure in the waitlisted charts of their original train.
  • A separate list of passengers transferred in alternative train will be pasted along with the CONFIRMED and WAITLIST charts.
  • The passenger allotted alternative accommodation can travel in the alternative train on authority of original ticket.
  • Waitlisted passengers of original train shall not be allowed to board the original train.
  • Passengers once provided alternative accommodation in alternative train will be treated as normal passengers in alternative train and will be eligible for upgradation.
  • Information will be available on Call Centre (139), PRS Enquiry Counters, Passenger Operated Enquiry Terminals installed at stations and WEB ENQUIRY on www.indianrail.gov.in.
  • When an ATAS opted passenger opts to cancel, after he/she has been given an alternative accommodation, he/she will be treated as a CONFIRMED passenger and the cancellation rules will apply accordingly.
  • No refund for difference of fare between the original train and the alternative train, including Tatkal charges, if any, will be given to re-allocated passengers.
  • Once an ATAS passenger has been allotted alternative accommodation, journey modification will not be permitted.
  • When a passenger who has been allotted alternative accommodation has not performed his journey in the alternative train, he can claim for refunds by filing a TDR request.
  • Opting for VIKALP does not mean that confirmed berth will be provided.
  • Boarding and terminating station might change to nearby cluster stations.
  • Passenger can be transferred to any alternative train available within 12 hrs from the scheduled departure of original train.

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