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October 27, 2015
British Airways plane with 100 onboard crashlands at Johannesburg airport
JOHANNESBURG: A hundred people on board had a narrow escape when their British Airways franchise flight had an emergency landing at Johannesburg airport when its landing gear collapsed n Monday.

The passengers of flight BA6234, assisted by emergency personnel called by the crew, disembarked safely. The Boeing 737-400, operated by South African franchise Comair, was flying from Port Elizabeth to OR Tambo international airport.

Eyewitnesses told reporters that the left front wheel had collapsed during landing. An investigation is on. One Renaldo Gouws, who claimed to have been a passenger on board, wrote on Facebook that the plane had a “massive landing gear failure and engine caught fire".

One eye-witness, Renaldo Gouws, who appeared to be on the flight, wrote on Facebook that the plane had a “massive landing gear failure and engine caught fire".

It is reported that the passengers experienced a burning smell at the time of landing. Comair, the franchise operator, said in a statement that the plane experienced a landing gear problem shortly after touching down at around midday local time (10:00 GMT).

"The aircraft was on the runway for a short period performing standard landing procedures when the crew noticed an unusual vibration which was followed shortly by the collapse of the left landing gear," it said.

Comair Limited said in a statement: “British Airways’ (operated by Comair) BA6234 a 10:35 departure from Port Elizabeth, with 6 Crew and 94 Passengers on board, was involved in an incident on landing at OR Tambo International Airport just after 12:00 pm today.

“We can confirm that all passengers and crew safely disembarked with no reported injuries. Passengers have been taken to the terminal building where staff are on hand.”

The runway had too be temporarily closed. The Airports Company South Africa owns the airport.

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