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GoAir flight hits mid-air turbulence over Kolkata: Two injured
Feb 26, 2019
KOLKATA: Two flight attendants were injured when a Bhubaneswar-Kolkata GoAir flight experienced mid-air turbulence on Tuesday. They had to be rushed to hospital in Kolkata, airlines officials said. The injuries were not serious and they have been discharged.

None of the passengers suffered any injuries. The airlines issued a statement saying, "GoAir flight G8 761 operating on Bhubaneswar-Kolkata route experienced severe turbulence wherein two crew members suffered minor injuries and were administered medication at the dispensary at Kolkata airport."

For the last two days weather has been extremely unforgiving, the airline said. The flight captain and co-pilot had a successful and safe landing at the Kolkata airport.

There was no damage to the aircraft. It was checked after landing at Kolkata airport was released for subsequent flights from Kolkata later.

Meanwhile, 20 incoming flights were diverted and over 200 were delayed as rain and squall caused by a western disturbance disrupted airport operations on Monday.

The meteorological department has warned that the rain and winds may continue till Wednesday. The number of western disturbances hitting north-west India has been higher than normal for this time.

“The number of western disturbances that hit north-west India is higher than normal this February. Usually around 4- 6 such disturbances hit north-west India in the second month of the year. But this time we already had seven such disturbances. The last two hit in very quick succession,” said the IMD.

Strong winds up to 53 km per hour speed hit Delhi on Monday evening. The minimum temperature dropped by 3 deg C to 9 deg C.

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