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World War II wreckage of US aircraft found in Arunachal Pradesh

April 4, 2019
Roing (Arunachal Pradesh): The Indian Army recovered the wreckage of a World War II US Air Force aircraf from Roing in eastern Arunachal Pradesh, on Sunday last. Roing is the district headquarter of Arunachal's Lower Dibang Valley district.

Based on information provided by local trekkers to the police, a special patrol of the Army undertook a recovery operation and retrieved the wreckage of the aircraft buried under five feet of snow and covered by a thick undergrowth.

Twelve soldiers alongwith a police force trekked eight days to reach the remote location 30 km from Roing. The patrol traversed through forests and snow to reach the spot. The region is untrodden and also invisible from above because of thick foliage.

One among the debris is a US Army Transmitter Tuning Unit, onboard a Dakota, most likely manufactured in September 1940.

Indian Army, Indian Air Force and the United States have been searching for lost warbirds of WW2 flying 'Over the Hump' for a while now. In April 2016, India had handed over the remains of a US Air Force B-24 ‘Hot as Hell’ bomber.

During the WW2, after Myanmar (then Burma) was captured by Japanese, a route over the 'Hump' in the Himalayas was the only way to reach China from India. According to reports 400 American soldiers are said to have been lost in air crashes in the wilderness.

Allied Forces in the India-Burma-China theatre supplied Chiang Kai Shek's forces in China with the USAAF flying 'Over the Hump' in NEFA, from airbases in Assam to Kunming in China. Roughly, 594 such missions were lost during the crossings.

The World War II was fought between the Allied Forces and the Axis Powers (1939-1945). The Allies were the US, USSR, China, France, Britain while the Axis Powers were Germany, japan and Italy.

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