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8 killed, 30 injured as goods train rams Kanchanjunga Express in New Jalpaiguri || Heat wave aborts Indigo takeoff in Delhi || Nikhil Gupta, accused of Pannun murder conspiracy, produced in NY court || Biden to sign Resolve Tibet Act: US team in Dharamshala || Nikki Haley bereaved || Realtor shot dead in Delhi || Indian-American Democrat running for County Commissioner arrested in Texas || - India Travel Times.Com   [Estd: 1998]       * * *    Travel, More Travel, Travel Means A Million Things     * * *    
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Delhi and other parts of northern India are facing un-precedented, prolonged scorching heat for over a month continuously. The current spell is the longest in more than half a century. It causes heat stroke that can be fatal. What are the symptoms and what to do if heat exhaustion sets in. How to read Heat Index to help avert heat stress in the next season. (Graphics: All Rights Reserved ©indiatraveltimes.com)

For the purpose of clarity, let us call the disorder caused by scorching heat as heat stroke/sun stroke, and the one caused by sultry heat of high relative humidity and not very high temperature as heat stress. In the latter, a Wet bulb and Dry bulb test can show the high heat the body feels in humidity.

According to prosecutors, Gupta paid money to a hitman to kill Pannun. However, the 'hitman' turned out to be an undercover Federal agent, simply outwitting and shaming the unnamed Indian official who engaged Gupta and the Government of India agency which, the prosecutors allege, plotted to kill Pannun on American soil.

Seven of the seriously injured were shifted to AIIMS Rishikesh by heli-ambulance of who two died. Seven are under treatment in Rudraprayag district hospital.

The bus was fired upon by half a dozen terrorists from all sides, targeting the pilgrims. Survivors said they continued firing even after the bus fell into the gorge. The Reasi district, where the famous Vaishno Devi temple is also situated, has been free of terrorist activities unlike neighbouring Rajouri and Poonch.

Parenting unlimited: When a father-daughter duo cracks NEET-2024
Centipede found in Amul vanilla ice-cream tub ordered online in Noida
Indian-origin US techies being laid off, replaced by Indians in India?
Window cleaners dangling from a building in China in a flash storm


An anatomy of NEET 2024: From the start till finish NEET will stay put as a conundrum jinxed as it is. What if it was thought angels would come down from the heaven to conduct the entrance exam if done at the Centre and if in the States, they would be conducted by the corrupt mortals. So NEET was born... It's 'guaranteed' that no party will ever be able to do what is required to be done in the country. Because of their genetics. Frauds will only multiply. Is there anything worse? Yes. Shoot the messenger!

A video shows the terrifying scene of the chopper swirling and dropping nose down mid-air around the helipad. In fact, the rear rotor had gone for a toss and the pilot was performing autorotation for a crash-landing. He pulled it off! Congrats!

True or false, Savitri claimed her husband had told her to throw Vinod into the canal as all that he does is eat. "How much torture can my son endure?" She picked him up when he was asleep.

Marking a decisive stage in the ongoing tussle between Governors and the Governments in some States, the Governor of Bengal has thrown down the gauntlet to the State police, asking the Raj Bhavan staff to refuse any enquiry from the cops in the sexual harassment case filed by a woman employee against him.

COMMENT: In many a case complaints can be frivolous, made under certain circumstances. So it is more in the interest of the accused that there is an investigation to clear his name. Denial may only mean acceptance of the guilt. Besides, quoting Constitutional immunity in sexual harassment cases is nothing short of a vulgarity of the feudal landlord. Nobody is above the law.

The judgement:

  • The Supreme Court dismissed the petitions seeking verification of all the votes cast on EVMs with VVPAT slips.
  • The apex court also rejected a plea to return to paper ballots.
  • The voter will not be allowed to take the VVPAT slip himself physically and drop into the ballot compartment, which is currently being dropped there automatically after the voter checks it through a screen.
  • The court said the ECI may explore the possibility of using an electronic machine to count VVPAT slips.
  • The sealed containers containing the SLUs shall be kept in storerooms, with the EVMs, (for) at least for 45 days post declaration of results, the court said.
  • The burnt memory in the EVM microcontroller must be checked by a team of engineers after results are declared if a candidate makes such a request, the verdict stated.

"Blindly distrusting a system can lead to unwarranted suspicions," Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice Sanjiv Khanna remarked.

OPINION: It is important that the random selection of the booths is done after the EVM counting. It would also help to clear any lingering doubts if the number of random booths is increased. The rest could be left to Lady Luck!

While the universal apprentice scheme will enable the educated youth to stand up (literally) in a country where the people are trampled by wretched politicians, and look about for avenues to earn a living confidently, the provision of student credit cards of up to Rs 10 lakh will ensure each and every student of this country receives equal opportunities to fulfil their aspirations of higher education irrespective of their financial conditions. It will be a game changer. These are on the lines of what US Vice-President Kamala Harris visualised to be happening to the Third World when she hailed Ajay Banga as a transformative World Bank President.

Peter Higgs is the father of the mysterious Higgs boson, otherwise called 'God Particle', which gives mass to all elementary particles, and created our universe. His contribution helped other scientists understand how the Big Bang created something out of nothing 13.8 billion years ago. The equations of particle physicists which did not have a leg to stand on till then, the 'God Particle' came as a Godsend. The theories so far to describe the universe did not hold water.

It was only by 2012, after 50 years of the boson discovery, that scientists at CERN could make the big announcement that they had finally found a Higgs boson using the Large Hadron Collider.

Higgs instantly broke into tears, tears of profound satisfaction, in the lecture hall where the announcement was made.

LEGAL REMEDIES: Last year, on the directive of the Supreme Court, the Governor granted assent to one Bill, and referred seven Bills to the President. The petition against the President also challenges the Governor's action of referring the Bills to her.

The unprecedented step by the State may also establish that it always upholds the Constitution and the rule of law in order to pre-empt any eventuality of getting dismissed on flimsy grounds invoking provisions of the Constitution later on; and, also provide a thrust to an emerging platform of regional forces pitted against the ongoing centralisation of every subject and activity in the country under one umbrella where the States will ultimately 'wither' away (for some time).

OPINION: Made to happen as it does just weeks ahead of the general elections, the arrest may signal, if not the cause of, far-reaching consequences in the course of Indian politics. The Opposition charges that the ruling party at the Centre has unleashed the police to catch a leader every other day for corruption allegedly indulged in in the present or the remote past in order to incapacitate any concerted opposition to the ruling dispensation.

The “My way or the highway" man, Trump has predicted 'apocalypse' for Americans if he is not elected the President in the upcoming election. He sounds “extremism, affection for violence." As always, he is also seeing what others don't, and repetitively using words like "(2020) election was stolen"! And that's a symptom! Delivering a no-holds-barred speech at a rally in Ohio, he also predicted the US won't see another election if he did not win the November battle against the incumbent President. With his savage push against the God-fearing Catholic, and the heap of criminal cases pending in the courts, the unpredictable Trump's nomination exposes a season of drought of leadership of calibre in the United States.

The much-touted 'one-nation, one-election' argument was purportedly to prevent wasteful expenditure of the people's money, manpower and deceleration of development, but the committee report when implemented will end up paving the way for holding more elections than currently being held. Because of the logistics and democratic limitations involved, the committee was not expected by commonsense to be out of a loose end either! Those who are alive at that time, and further for ten more years thereafter, can count the rounds and compare with the present numbers. Therefore, either the agenda is different or the 8-volume presentation is faulty/made-up!!!

The manager has defended himself saying that dry ice got mixed with mouth freshener by the negligence of the staff...After taking the mouth freshener the customers felt a burning sensation and started vomiting blood. Five of them were hospitalised. Two are in critical condition.

Harmful effects of dry ice: Ingested, dry ice can burn your mouth, esophagus and stomach as it sublimates on contact with the moisture of the organs and turns into CO2, apart from other damaging physical and chemical changes it induces. The pressure building up in the stomach due to sublimation can also rupture the stomach muscles. It turns lethal. In normal direct handling it leads to frostbite due to the cold temperature.

One of them is seen in CCTV being shot at close range. The motive is suspected to be personal enmity.

TAILPIECE: Almost every other day we hear of shootings in one place or other in the country. India will very soon replace the US as the world's No 1 in the incidence of mass shooting. It will eclipse terrorism as a source of concern. Who can help? At least, has it occurred to anyone's mind?

'This Moment' of Shakti fusion won the Best Global Music Album at the Grammys. Zakir Hussain has won two other awards too. In a great victory for Indians, five of them have won the Grammys this time. In other sections, Taylor Swift got her fourth Album of the Year award and Miley Cyrus got an award for the first time.

The Government scheme provides ₹ 51,000 per wedding of which ₹ 35,000 goes to the girl, ₹ 10,000 for wedding materials and ₹ 6,000 towards expenses for the ceremony.

At that momentous event, "I will be thinking about my mother (the late Shyamala Gopalan), who is looking down from heaven," Harris said. The scaled back presidential inauguration this time will have no precedent with a devastating coronavirus locking down everything and a heightened security bandobast with reports of armed Trump protesters likely to re-enact the Capitol episode posing the gravest threat to Biden, the President-elect, and others.

"We were taught to see a world beyond just ourselves. To be conscious and compassionate about the struggles of all people." - Kamala Harris, Vice-President-elect, United States of America. She is releasing a series of her reminiscences of her early period, of people and events that had deep influence on the course of her life and thoughts, in the coming days leading up to her inauguration as the Vice-President of America, the first woman ever to occupy a position that high in the greatest democracy yet.

The first woman Vice-President has become an inspiration for girls of colour, and for all girls. Kamala Harris is becoming an icon. Her passionate speech had a great, lasting impact on the listeners, when she said, “While I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last, because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities.”
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Notre Dame Paris cathedral goes up in flames; Macron vows reconstruction
Three killed as plane collides with parked copters in Nepal's Lukla airport
May 'regrets' Jallianwala Bagh, a 'shameful scar in our history'
Boeing not to stop 737 Max production even as new bugs come to light
Narrow escape for tourists as glacier calves, collapses into lagoon in Iceland
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Another Indian woman worker dies of alleged torture in Saudi
Yet another helpless Indian woman having had to go to Saudi Arabia in search of work as maid servant has reportedly died of physical and mental torture by her employer, it has been alleged. However, the Indian Foreign Ministry has said after an inquiry that she died of natural causes.
Lionsgate and Fox coming to Dubai: Go down with the Titanic in theme park!
Unlimited excitement will be on offer in Dubai as Lionsgate Entertainment and The 20th Century Fox are building theme parks to provide the audience an illusion of experiences of timeless horror of the Titanic disaster and the death and rebellion of the dystopia.
Flashfloods claim 80 lives, dozens missing in Indonesia's eastern province of Papua
Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts, spews lava: 7 killed
79 foreigners detained in anti-immigration operation in Malaysia
Indonesia readies warships to evacuate haze victims
Typhoon Koppu floods northern Philippines: 11 dead

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Macron not to quit even if his party loses as snap polls he called is his gambit
PARIS, June 12: French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday said he will not quit even if his party loses the snap polls. In a political gambit, Macron on Sunday in an address to the nation dissolved the French legislature and called for snap elections for June 30 immediately after a defeat in the elections to the European Parliament which the right-wing parties won. That is less than two months before Paris hosts the Olympics. The right-wing National Rally (NR) party won a historic 31.37% of the French vote for the European Parliament. Macron's Renaissance party got only 14.6%. If Le Pen's RN wins a parliamentary majority in the snap polls, Macron would be left with little sway over domestic affairs like President Jacques Chirac. But the gambit resembles the Spanish PM's.
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Spiritual leader Sadhguru undergoes emergency brain operation for bleeding in Delhi hospital
Tens of thousands of women celebrate Pongala festival at Attukal temple in Thiruvananthapuram
Jain monk Acharya Vidyasagar Maharaj attains samadhi after 'sallekhana' at Chandragiri Teerth
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann visit Ram temple in Ayodhya
Devotees pour in as Sabarimala Ayyappa temple opens for Mandala-Makaravilakku
Ayodhya Ram temple to be consecrated on Jan 22, says Trust
No politician can change world, Madonna stops concert, speaks on Israel-Hamas war
Portions of Ranbireshwar temple in Jammu collapses in lightning, heavy rain
Mukesh Ambani, family members visit Badrinath, Kedarnath temples; donates Rs 5 cr
Swaminarayan Akshardham temple inaugurated in New Jersey; opens on Oct 18

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Danish PM yet to recover from whiplash injury caused by assault
COPENHAGEN (Denmark), June 12: Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, 46, has said she has not yet fully recovered after last week's attack. She was struck by a 39-year-old Polish man in Copenhagen's old town last Friday. He has been arrested. She suffered a whiplash injury (neck injury) when the man walked up and hit her.
Ramoji Rao, founder of Ramoji Film City, passes away
HYDERABAD, June 9: Media mogul Ramoji Rao, founder of Hyderabad's Ramoji Film City, died early Saturday. He was 87. Rao was admitted to Star Hospital in Hyderabad on June 5 after complaining breathlessness. Chandrababu Naidu shouldered the bier to a site predetermined by Rao himself in the film city for the funeral on Sunday. Ramoji Group owned Eenadu newspaper, ETV Network of TV channels, Ushakiran Movies etc.
NOTA sets new record, grabs second slot in Indore election
NEW DELHI, June 6: Close to 14% of voters chose the NOTA option in Indore in the recent general elections. According to the Election Commission of India, Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Shankar Lalwani has won the seat by a huge margin of 10,08,077 votes. NOTA has got 2,18,674 votes. No other candidate was able to get more than NOTA. The next candidate, Bahujan Samaj Party’s Sanjay Solanki, secured 51,659 votes. Congress candidate Akshay Kanti Bam had withdrawn his nomination and therefore there was no INDIA candidate. The Congress then the asked voters to vote for NOTA. This is the new record for the highest votes secured by NOTA. The option of NOTA, which stands for ‘None of the Above’ was introduced in 2013, which gives voters the option to not select any of the contesting candidates.
Sheinbaum becomes first woman President of Mexico in landslide victory
MEXICO CITY, June 3: Climate scientist and former mayor of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum (61) has been elected as the first woman President of Mexico in a landslide victory on Sunday. She is also the first Jewish leader to hold the office. Ms Sheinbaum will replace Andrés Manuel López Obrador on October 1.
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, 93, marries Russian scientist, his fifth time
MORAGA (Santa Monica Mountains, California), June 2: Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has married for the fifth time. The former News Corp chairman is 93. He married his fiancé Elena Zhukova, a divorcee, on June 1 in a private ceremony at Moraga, his estate in Bel Air in California. Zhukova, 67, is a retired scientist from Russia. aaMurdoch was previously married to Patricia Booker from 1956 to 1965, Anna Torv from 1967 to 1999, Wendi Deng from 1999 to 2013 and model Jerry Hall from 2016 to 2022. He has six children: Prudence, Elisabeth, Grace, Chloe, Lachlan and James. In September last Murdoch stepped down as chairman of Fox Corporation and News Corp. He was succeeded by his son Lachlan. He once said, "Neither excessive pride nor false humility are admirable qualities."
Praggnanandhaa now beats World Number Two Fabiano Caruana in Round 5 of Norway Chess
CHENNAI, Jun 2: Indian prodigy R Praggnanandhaa stunned world number two Fabiano Caruana on Saturday in Round 5 of Norway Chess. He is among the top ten now. Praggnanandhaa had earlier beaten World No.1 Magnus Carlsen in Round 3 of the tournament.
Kejriwal says, "They will manipulate the EVMs"; returns to jail as bail ends
NEW DELHI, Jun 2: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal returned to Tihar jail on Sunday as his three-week interim bail in the Delhi liquor policy case ended on June 1. Addressing party workers at the AAP headquarters before surrendering at the jail, Kejriwal said the exit polls, which predicted BJP's win in the general elections, are fake. "All these exit polls are fake. One exit poll gave 33 seats to the BJP in Rajasthan, whereas there are only 25 seats there... they are trying to manipulate the machines (EVMs)," the Delhi Chief Minister said.
ANC loses majority in new election in South Africa; Talks on for coalition
PRETORIA, Jun 2: The ruling African National Congress in power for the last 30 years since the White rule ended, has failed to get a majority in the recent elections. The party is headed by President Cyril Ramaphosa. It needs a coalition partner to form a Government. The ANC received only 40% votes in Wednesday's election. Parliament elects the President.
Trump supporters call for attack on Manhattan jurors, execution of judge
WASHINGTON, May 31: Former President Donald Trump's supporters turned US flags upside down in their protest against the guilty verdict convicting him in the hush money case. The jury at a Manhattan court had on Thursday found him guilty of falsifying business accounts for paying the hush money to adult actress Stormey Daniels. Soon after the verdict was read out, his supporters called for attacking the jurors and execution of judge Juan Merchan. The threats are reminiscent of the 2020 violence. One post said, “1,000,000 men (armed) need to go to Washington and hang everyone."
16 armymen booked for storming Kupwara police station, assaulting cops
KUPWARA (Kashmir), May 30: Five policemen, including the Station House Officer, were injured when armymen entered a police station in Kupwara and attacked the personnel there. Five cops were injured. A video showing the soldiers storming the police station late Tuesday evening was seen on social media. A case against 16 armymen, including 3 Lt Colonels, has been registered. The army has denied assaulting the cops. It is said the incident was a sequel to a police action against an armyman.

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