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     Andhra Pradesh has a long cultural and political history. Its political history dates back to the Mauryan period when the Sathavahanas carved out a kingdom in the region. Culturally, the monuments and the temples are an illustration of its magnificent past. The east lashed by the Bay of Bengal, the land has low hills, green fields, forests, waterfalls and lakes. Hyderabad is the capital city.

How to reach: Well-connected by air, rail and road with all major centres in the country.

Climate: April-May is harsh summer. The monsoon starts in early June, and continues for a couple of months. Rest of the year the climate is pleasant.

Shopping: Pearls and handicraft items like glass bangles are available for bargain prices, especially in the shopping areas of Char Minar in Hyderabad.

Cuisine: Hyderabadi cuisine has a Mughalai flavour. The Hyderabadi biriyani is good dining. Andhra food is different, though rice is the staple food everywhere in the state with sambar, a lentil preparation. Chillies dominate the taste. Andhra pickle is well-known. Dosa (a rice pancake) is a common item for breakfast. Andhra cuisine is largely vegetarian unlike the Hyderabadi food. Seafood like fish and prawns is taken with rice in coastal areas. Snack time is vada or idli with sambar. Idli is steamed rice dumplings.

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