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Prince Charles adds herbal medicines to his organic product range

        London: "Healthcare enthusiast" Prince Charles' organic brand is set to launch its complementary medicines made of traditional herbal ingredients. The Duchy Originals brand, acclaimed for it upmarket organic biscuits, sausages and marmalade, will sell three products, all priced at 10 pounds. While the Detox Tincture, made of artichoke and dandelion, will "help eliminate toxins and aid digestion", Echina-Relief can be "used to relieve symptoms of the common cold and influenza type infections." The third product boasts of St John's Wort extract "to relieve the symptoms of slightly low mood and mild anxiety." "Duchy Originals' decision to launch these products reflects The Prince of Wales's passion for integrated healthcare," the Telegraph quoted Andrew Baker, Duchy Originals's chief executive, as saying. "We hope that the Duchy Herbals range of herbal remedies will encourage more people to adopt this integrated approach to their health," he added. However, the company's move into "detox" medicines has met with some criticism. Alice Tuff, at the charity Sense About Science, said: "It's incredible that the Prince of Wales' company is launching a 'detox' product just days after scientists have exposed such products as making empty and misleading claims."
-Jan 24, 2009

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