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Mount Abu

     Looking for greens in Rajasthan? Go to Mount Abu. Mount Abu is one of the few places in the desert state having greenery. Located in the southern end of Aravalli mountains, Mount Abu is a summer retreat. It is well-known for its Dilwara Jain temples of the 11th century, and it is also a pilgrim centre. Sages like Vasishta lived here. About the origin of Mount Abu there is a mythological story. The story is that Abu rescued the sacred bull Nandi here and therefore the place got its name.

     Delwara Jain temples: These temples were built during 11th to 13th centuries. They are dedicated to the Jain Tirthankaras. Vimal Vasahi temple is the oldest, built in 1031 AD. Another is Lun Vasahi temple. The Adhar Devi temple with its many stairs is a tourist attraction.

Panchakalyanak scenes: Auspicious events from a Jain Tirthankar's life. (Luna Vasahi Temple, Delwara)

     Nakki Lake: The islets in the artificial lake and the rock formations on the sides are of interest. According to a legend, the Gods carved out the lake with their nails, nakki meaning nail.

     Gaumukh Temple: This site got this name because a spring is flowing from a sculpted cow's head. There is also a marble structure of Nandi.

     Raghunathji Temple: Dedicated to Raghunathji, the temple is situated near Nakki lake. It was built in the 14th century.

     Other Sites: Museum and Art Gallery, Sunset Point, Honeymoon Point, Trevor's park (5km)

     HOW TO REACH: The nearest airport is in Udaipur, 185 km. The nearest rail station is Abu Road, 30 km. Taxi, jeep and bus are available from Abu Road to Mount Abu.

     CLIMATE: Summer, 23 to 34 deg C; winter, 11 to 28 deg C; Best season: Feb-June and Sept-Dec

     CLOTHING: Light cotton in summer and woollen in winter

     LANGUAGES: Gujarati, Hindi and English

     FAIRS and FESTIVALS: The Summer festival (First week of June)

     ENTERTAINMENT: Boating facility at Nakki lake

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