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COVID DATA October 19, 2021 INDIA: New Cases: 13,058 Total Cases: 3,40,94,373 New Deaths: 164 Total Deaths: 4,52,454 New Tests: 11,81,314 Total Tests: 59,31,06,188 New Vax: 87,41,160 Total Vax: 98,67,69,411 Hot Spot States (daily deaths above 10) Karnataka: New Deaths: 12 Total Deaths: 37,953 Kerala: New Deaths: 60 Total Deaths: 26,925 TPR: 9.72% Maharashtra: New Deaths: 27 Total Deaths: 1,39,816 Tamil Nadu: New Deaths: 13 Total Deaths: 35,912 Bengal: New Deaths: 12 Total Deaths: 18,989 - India Travel Times.Com   [Estd: 1998]       * * *    Travel, More Travel, Travel Means A Million Things     * * *    
Delta threat to China: Lockdowns, restrictions, travel ban are back
Travel agents and hotels are refunding tickets as the Chinese Ministry of Tourism has asked agencies not to organise tours in view of the outbreak of Delta variant of covid. Officials warn that the infections may continue to spread to more regions in the summer holidays. Hunan, Guangdong and Yunnan are gearing up to fight a likely Delta outbreak. Lockdown has been clamped on Jiangsu's provincial Capital and travel hub Nanjing from where the Delta found its way in. Zhangjiajie is shut.

BEIJING, Aug 3: There are clusters of covid infections being reported from many parts of China and it is feared that a nationwide outbreak of Delta variant is imminent. On Monday 76 new coronavirus cases were reported, the highest daily rise since January.

Lockdown has been clamped on Nanjing, Jiangsu's provincial Capital. Millions of people are being tested in the province. The transmission in the province began at the airport. China has a zero-risk approach to the virus in contrast to the violent vaccine resistance in the US where it has become a partisan issue between the Republicans, who oppose restrictions in the name of freedom, and the Democrats.

Currently China has three high-risk areas and 70 medium-risk areas across seven provinces. Travel restrictions are being imposed in 29 provinces, especially there is the summer holidays. School students have been specifically restrained.

According to one report, Delta outbreak is likley to cut summer tourism revenue by over 50% across China. A large number of tour groups are cancelling programmes. All tourist destinations in Zhangjiajie, in Central China's Hunan Province, have been shut. Nanjing infections are feared to have spread to Zhangjiajie. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has asked travel agencies not to organise tours to high-risk areas. Alibaba is refunding tickets. So also severral hotels.

"Of the 40 domestic cases, 39 were from Jiangsu province and one from Liaoning," a National Health Commission official said in a statement Monday. He said there had been no new deaths. Another official said, the outbreak caused by the Delta variant may continue to spread to more regions.

Shao Yiming, an immunologist of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, said, "All existing prevention measures are well conducted in practice and China's vaccination speed is globally leading, leaving no real condition for large-scale outbreaks."

Beijing is also keeping a watch in the border provinces in view of the fast spreading Delta variants. Yunnan in the southwest is seeing a spike in infections due to a highly infected neighbouring Myanmar. So also Guangdong is preparing to quarantine international travellers coming in. Zhangjiajie in Central China's Hunan Province has become vulnerable.

In fact, the coronavirus infection first erupted in the world in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December, 2019 but the Government's prompt and efficient handling of the situation stopped the transmission and almost banished the virus from their soil. Casualties so far is 4,848 while the global death toll is 4,224,492. Covid claimed 424,773 lives in India till date.

Coronavirus Cases Worldwide:-

WORLD: Total Deaths: 4,224,492; Total Cases: 198,336,258
US: Total Deaths: 610,467; Deaths per 100,000 People: 186.6; Total Cases: 34,842,702
BRAZIL: Total Deaths: 556,834; Deaths per 100,000 People: 265.8; Total Cases: 19,938,358
INDIA: Total Deaths: 424,773; Deaths per 100,000 People: 31.4; Total Cases: 31,695,958
UK: Total Deaths: 129,719; Deaths per 100,000 People: 193.2; Total Cases: 5,880,667
CHINA: Total Deaths: 4,848; Deaths per 100,000 People: 0.3; Total Cases: 105,149

(The 100 millionth covid case worldwide was recorded at the end of January.)

Vaccination Status Worldwide:-

WORLD: Doses per 100 people: 53.6; Total doses: 4,177,097,771
CHINA: 115.8 - 1,675,759,221
INDIA: 34.2 - 472,223,639
US: 103.6 - 346,456,669
BRAZIL: 67.0 - 142,488,679
GERMANY: 109.9 - 92,054,374
UK: 127.5 - 85,196,986

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