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COVID DATA January 20, 2022 INDIA: New Cases: 3,17,532 Total Cases: 3,82,18,773 New Deaths: 491 (including old unreported deaths) Total Deaths: 4,87,693 New Tests: 19,35,180 Total Tests: 70,93,56,830 New Vax: 73,38,592 Total Vax: 159,67,55,879 Hot Spot States (daily deaths above 10) Assam: New Deaths: 15 Total Deaths: 6,248 Bengal: New Deaths: 38 Total Deaths: 20,193 Bihar: New Deaths: 11 Total Deaths: 12,156 Delhi: New Deaths: 35 Total Deaths: 25,460 Gujarat: New Deaths: 12 Total Deaths: 10,186 Haryana: New Deaths: 12 Total Deaths: 10,136 Jharkhand: New Deaths: 12 Total Deaths: 5,225 Karnataka: New Deaths: 21 Total Deaths: 38,486 Kerala: New Deaths: 49 Old Unreported Deaths: 85 TPR 37.17% Total Deaths: 51,160 Maharashtra: New Deaths: 49 Total Deaths: 1,41,934 Punjab: New Deaths: 29 Total Deaths: 16,846 Rajasthan: New Deaths: 12 Total Deaths: 9,031 Tamil Nadu: New Deaths: 35 Total Deaths: 37,073 - India Travel Times.Com   [Estd: 1998]       * * *    Travel, More Travel, Travel Means A Million Things     * * *    
Covid: Only 7 days home isolation, no contact tracing, no testing if asymptomatic
Across the world there is a surge in covid cases as the new wave is highly contagious but most cases have mild or no symptoms at all. The Government has appealed to the people not to panic and rush to hospitals for minor ailments as that will lead to a collapse of the healthcare system under an overwhelming load.

There is no need for testing if there are no symptoms. There will be no institutional isolation either, as home isolation will do.

NEW DELHI, Jan 6: The Union Health Ministry on Wednesday issued revised guidelines for home isolation for mild covid cases, reducing the period of isolation from ten days to seven, provided there was no fever for three consecutive days. The district administration will monitor all cases under home isolation on a daily basis. Moreover, “There is no need for re-testing after the home isolation period is over,” it said.

Asymptomatic contacts of infected persons need not undergo covid test and they can monitor health in home quarantine. Tracing contacts of infected persons and identifying containment zones are also meaningless in the new context of most cases being mild.

There is no need for testing if there are no symptoms. There will be no institutional isolation, as home isolation will do.

It will now on be the responsibility of individuals to get tested if there are symptoms and isolate themselves at home.

The guidelines have been relaxed because in the massive surge in covid cases, all activities will be disrupted leading to socio-economic problems.

In the current wave across the world, majority of covid cases are either asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms not requiring hospitalisation. "Such cases usually recover with minimal interventions and accordingly may be managed at home under proper medical guidance and monitoring,” the Ministry stated.

SEE: Health Ministry's New Guidelines

When to seek medical attention?

The Health Ministry has said that a patient should seek immediate medical attention if serious signs or symptoms develop. These include:

  • Unresolved High-grade fever (more than 100° F for more than 3 days).
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • Dip in oxygen saturation (SpO2 = 93% on room air at least 3 readings within 1 hour) or respiratory rate >24/ min.
  • Persistent pain/pressure in the chest.
  • Mental confusion or inability to arouse.
  • Severe fatigue and myalgia.
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