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DGCA slaps fine on SpiceJet for faulty training of its Boeing 737 Max pilots

Simulator training is a part of a pilot's professional life all along, especially as the aircraft's model changes. It is not known what type of simulator training the Spicejet's Max pilots received and how. Boeing 737 Max's technical glitches had led to a series of air tragedies in the recent past, necessitating modifications in the model.

NEW DELHI, May 31: The Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has imposed a fine of Rs 10 lakh on SpiceJet airline for training its Boeing 737 Max aircraft's pilots on a faulty flight simulator that potentially compromised flight safety.

Boeing 737 Max was grounded by its US manufacturer recently after a seies of unexplained crashes killing several hundreds of people. A fully automated Max provided little scope for pilot intervention when the tech failed. The model has since been reportedly rectified by the company in new production and the DGCA has given the green signal to Indian airlines to fly the modified Max.

What is simulation? Simulation is an imitation of the real world flight operation of a specified aircraft. The model or simulator represents the flying system and the simulation is a representation of the operation. A pilot on simulator training has to sit in the flight simulator for hours and train for every situation possible like bird hits, bad weather and engine failures as they are recreated. Simulator training is a part of a pilot's profesional life all through. There are different types of training devices depending on the models of aircraft and the company. It is not known what type of simulator training the Spicejet's Max pilots received.

The DGCA action followed the airline's unsatisfactory explanation to the aviation regulator's show-cause notice over faulty training to its pilots. The DGCA had last month found 90 SpiceJet pilots not properly trained and issued the show-cause after barring them from operating the Max aircraft.

Cracks on windshield, flight aborted

MUMBAI: A SpiceJet flight from Mumbai to Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh was forced to return to Mumbai airport last Saturday when the pilot detected cracks in the windshield, posing a potential threat to the passengers' life.

Cracks on a windshield would widen as the flight progresses, leading to a crash.

"On May 28, SpiceJet Boeing 737 aircraft was scheduled to operate SG-385 (Mumbai-Gorakhpur). During cruise, windshield of outer pane was observed to be cracked," the airlines said.

IndiGo fined for denying flight to specially abled child

NEW DELHI: Aviation regulator DGCA on Saturday imposed a fine of Rs 5 lakh on IndiGo airline for denying boarding to a specially abled child at Ranchi airport on May 7. After the boy was stopped, his parents also could not take the flight.

However, IndiGo later clarified the episode stating on May 9 that the boy was denied permission to board the Ranchi-Hyderabad flight as he was "visibly in panic".

Reacting to the DGCA action of imposing of fine, airline CEO Ronojoy Dutta has said that IndiGo will conduct an internal case study on how to better handle passengers with disabilities and special needs, especially when they are feeling distressed, in order to avoid such incidents in future.

Air traffic controller suspended for 'breach of separation'

NEW DELHI: In line with aviation safety rules, the DGCA has suspended the air traffic controller who was found responsible for two IndiGo flights taking off simultaneously in same direction and their coming close to each other posing the threat of a mid-air collision in a recent incident at Bengaluru airport on January 7.

The two IndiGo flights - 6E455 (Bengaluru to Kolkata) and 6E246 (Bengaluru to Bhubaneswar) - averted a mid-air collision through what is called a "breach of separation", over the Bengaluru airport. "Breach of separation" is when two aircraft cross the minimum mandatory vertical or horizontal distance.

In aviation, "separation" is the concept of keeping an aircraft outside of a minimum distance from another aircraft to prevent collission and also keep safety in case of wake turbulence.

In a statement on Monday, the DGCA said, "South tower controller gave departure to 6E455 in coordination with Approach Radar controller and at the same time North tower controller gave departure to 6E246 without prior coordination with south tower controller and Approach Radar controller."

"At the closest point of conflict, the vertical and lateral separation between both aircraft was 100 feet (Standard 1000ft) and 0.9 NM (Standard 3NM)," it said.

Go To: Two planes take off from converging runways at K'gowda: Collision averted

Rain, storm disrupt air services in Delhi

NEW DELHI: Five flights were diverted and 70 others delayed at Delhi airport due to a thunderstorm on Monday. Heavy rains accompanied by storm paralysed life in the National Capital Region, uprooting trees and disrupting vehicular traffic, and the chaotic situation continued into Tuesday.

“Raindrops and thunderstorms in Delhi may impact our flight operations. Please keep enough travel time in hand to avoid any hassle. Keep a check on your flight status. For any assistance, DM us on Twitter/Facebook,” read a IndiGo's advisory

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