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Shooting is everywhere, judges targeted: How safe is America!

"Few spaces in America are guaranteed safe anymore," says CNN, a prominent American media group. Nothing can stop the spate of shootings, those taking place at the drop of a hat! There have been 246 mass shootings so far in 2022. Even Supreme Court judges no more feel secure.

Although the way he empathised with those unfortunate parents of the Texas school episode some expected he would, but he wouldn't. Of an Irish ancestry of considerable antiquity, Biden knows too well that cultural change can't be brought about through an executive order. Therefore a 'minimum programme' with the Republicans is in the works at the Capitol.

WASHINGTON, June 14: After the gruesome Texas school shootings that claimed the precious lives of 19 little children and two teachers, there has been a new awakening across the US on the urgency to put an end to the gun culture nourished by the Republicans' support to the arms industry. Most Congressmen are burning the midnight oil to find ways to mitigate the problem of gun violence even as tens of thousands rallied across the length and breadth of the country on the weekend under the banner of 'March for Our Lives' for a new gun regime.

America is not safe anymore, says CNN, the US media group. Since the Texas incident, there have been 17 episodes of mass shootings killing dozens of innocent people. An incident is described as mass shooting when three or more people become the victims.

Even the Supreme Court judges are not spared. In the past at least half a dozen federal judges had been shot dead.

Kavanaugh escapes bid on life

US Supreme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh had a providential escape as his gunman had a sudden change of mind. The man from Los Angeles, Nicholas Roske, had purchased a gun with the sole purpose of shooting judge Kavanaugh and had arrived at the judge's home in ordinarily safe Chevy Chase, a Washington DC suburb falling in the neighbouring State of Maryland, last Wednesday.

Since a leaked report (by Politico) of the Supreme Court overturning the historic 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide appeared in the press recently, the judges have been the target of attacks at the hands of the advocates of abortion rights, with protests held even at Kavanaugh's gate. Kavanaugh is a conservative jurist appointed by former President Donald Trump.

Strangely enough, Roske claimed he himself called the police as he changed his plan just under the wire at Kavanaugh's house at the dead of night. He called 911 to stop his own alleged plot and said he needed “psychiatric help” and had “been hospitalized multiple times.” In fact, he had spotted a marshall posted at the gate and so he did not turn to the gate and instead walked straight. The marshall was on duty in accordance with the new security bandobast after the recent pro- abortion protests.

The police on arrival also seized ammunition, a crow bar, pepper spray and other items from 26-year old Roske's custody.

Nicholas Roske told the police he was as well concerned about the Texas school shootings and worried if Kavanaugh would vote aganst gun control measures in an upcoming case.

Wisconsin ex-judge shot dead

Ten days ago, John Roemer, a former county judge in Wisconsin, was shot dead in a targeted attack by a man earlier jailed by the judge 15 years ago. Roemer was found zip-tied to a chair. Douglas Uhde, 56, who shot John Roemer, died of "apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound" four days later. Roemer, 68, was killed in his New Lisbon, Wisconsin, home on June 3.

In July 2020, US District Judge Esther Salas' son was killed in an attack that was targeted against her. Lawyer Roy Den Hollander showed up at Salas’ home posing as a FedEx delivery person. Den Hollander fatally shot Salas’ 20-year-old son, Daniel Anderl, and wounded her husband, Mark Anderl. The judge was in another part of the home at the time and was not injured.

“We’re seeing these threats increase in number and intensity. That’s a sign. That’s a signal,” Salas had said then.

Judge Rowland Barnes was shot on the eighth floor of the courthouse at the Fulton County in downtown Atlanta in 2005.

Round-the-clock security for judges

In recent years, the court has stepped up security for the justices.

The round-the-clock security given to the judges after the protests over the leaked report on the abortion case may have saved Kavanaugh's life.

And now the bid on Kavanaugh could lead to tighter security for judges.

Mass shootings in the last one month

There have been 246 mass shootings in 2022 so far, according to the Gun Violence Archive. The gun casualties were almost same for the same period last year also. In the last one month there has been an unusual spurt in the incidents.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (June 12): Two women were in the hospital after two separate shootings in Kensington Sunday early morning.

Philadelphia (June 10): A teen, 14, was killed in a northeast Philadelphia shooting in a residential area. Teenagers were planning to “march for their lives” for new gun laws same night.

Saginaw, MIchigan (June 9): Police were investigating two fatal shootings that occurred on Saginaw's West Side on Thursday afternoon.

Oakland (June 9): A 16-year-old boy was killed and another person was injured in an Oakland shooting. Maryland (June 9): Three people died in a shooting at a Maryland manufacturing facility on Thursday. The suspect was later caught.

Texas (June 9): Gonzalo Lopez, 46, who escaped from custody serving life sentences, killed Mark Collins, 66, and his four grandsons, south of Dallas.

Oakland (June 7): Two men were killed in shootings in Oakland within an hour of each other late Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

Birmingham (June 6): One man is dead and a woman suffered life- threatening injuries after they were shot while sitting in a van. The male victim fatally shot was in the driver’s seat of a van.

Grand Rapids, Michigan (June 5): Grand Rapids police said that two groups had a "long-running feud" that led to a killing in the heart of Grand Rapids' downtown early Sunday. It was a confrontation between a wedding party and others selling goods.

Mesa, Arizona (June 5): Two people were dead and two more were injured after a shooting outside a Mesa bar just before 2:30 am Sunday.

Macon, Georgia (June 4): One man was killed and three others injured in a shooting in an abandoned house in East Macon Saturday evening.

Summerton, South Carolina (June 4): A drive-by shooting at a South Carolina high school graduation party killed a woman and wounded seven other people on Saturday night.

Philadelphia (June 4): Two teenagers, 18 years old each, killed two bystanders in the South Street mass shooting that left three people dead and 11 others injured over the weekend.

Virginia (June 4): A 20-year old man was dead and seven others injured in gunfire during a graduation party on Saturday.

Socorro, Texas (June 4): Five teens were wounded in shooting at West Texas house party at 1 am Saturday at a home in Socorro, a town on the Mexican border near El Paso.

Hempstead, New York (June 4): Police responded to a call of shots fired in Hempstead late Saturday, where they found four people with gunshot wounds. A 19-year-old died in the Saturday night shooting.

Chesterfield, Virginia (June 3): Six people were shot Friday night – one fatally – after a shooting broke out at a large party.

Iowa (June 2): A man fatally shoots two women before killing himself in the parking lot of an Iowa church on Thursday. He had been romantically involved with one of the women and faced harassment charge in the court.

Oklahoma medical facility (June 1): Michael Louis purchased an AR-15- style rifle three hours earlier for the attack at Tulsa's Saint Francis Hospital in Oklahoma. Four people were killed before he shot himself. The shooter's target was a doctor who had performed a surgery on him earlier. He had post-surgical pain. Dr Preston Phillips was among the four shot.

Memorial Day weekend in US (May 30): Forty shootings between Friday afternoon and Monday night, mainly in Philadelphia and Chicago.

Philadelphia (May 30): Fourteen people were shot and killed in the city of Philadelphia over the Memorial Day weekend.

Chicago (May 30): Nine killed in a series of shootings across Chicago over the weekend.

Charleston, South Carolina (May 30): Ten people, including a 17-year- old, were injured in downtown Charleston late Monday night.

Chattanooga, Tennessee (May 30): Six teenagers were shot and wounded, two critically, Saturday night when multiple people opened fire after group fight.

Oklahoma (May 30): One person was killed and seven were injured after a shooting broke out during a Memorial Day festival in Oklahoma.

Houston (May 30): Four people were wounded in gunfire at a Houston house party Sunday night.

Phoenix, Arizona (May 30): A teenager was killed and five injured in Phoenix shooting.

Michigan (May 30): A shooting outside a Michigan bar left a 19-year-old man dead and six other people injured early Sunday morning.

Henderson, Nevada (May 30): Seven people were injured, two critically, Saturday when gunfire erupted on a freeway in Henderson.

Memphis, Tennessee (May 30): Four people were shot Friday night near a rogue car show

Anniston, Alabama (May 30): Six injured in shooting at a graduation party in Anniston, Alabama, on Friday.

Florida (May 28): A Florida open house party shooting left four teenagers hospitalized on Saturday night in Malabar, Brevard county.

Colorado Springs (May 28): One person was killed following a shooting off South Academy Boulevard Saturday morning

Ecorse, Michigan (May 28): A 27-year-old was fatally shot at Renaissance Estates of Ecorse Saturday night. His is the fourth shooting that has taken place at Estates this week.Ladonte Brooks- Rivers was a young father who was shot 10 times. Residents are fearful as violent crimes are escalating.

Michigan (May 27): A mother and her 3 small children were found dead in their home in Mecosta Township on Friday from apparent gunshot wounds.

Texas school (May 24): 18-year old Salvador Ramos fatally shot 19 students and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. He was shot by police.

California Taiwanese church (May 15): The gunman, David Choua, is a Taiwan-born Chinese immigrant motivated by hate for Taiwanese people. One died and four others were critically wounded.

Omaha, Nebraska (May 15): An overnight shooting leaves two people injured Sunday morning.

Buffalo, New York supermarket (May 14): Ten Black people were killed at a grocery shop in Buffalo in a racist attack by a White 18-year-old Supremacist (of replacement theory) gunman, Payton S Gendron, who was later arrested.

Omaha, Nebraska (May 8): Police were investigating after four walk-in shooting victims showed up at a hospital early Sunday morning.

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