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Another mass shooting: 10 killed at Chinese New Year fest in LA; What will Biden say now?

"Enough!" - In a sheer lack of sense of proportion, President Biden had reacted to yet another boy, just of 15 years, shooting dead five people in North Carolina some time ago, besides sounding like he is going to put an end to American gun violence instantly! After the latest LA episode, he is yet to react! Biden presents a brilliant comparison to Indian Chief Ministers for their stupid reactions in similar circumstances of recent months!

For sure, gun violence will continue as long as the gun is there! Primarily meant for self-defence, how many times - or what percentage of all firings - it has successfully defended the carriers and saved lives and how? Has there been a survey?

LOS ANGELES (California, US), Jan 22: Ten people were killed in a mass shooting at a crowded dance studio in a Los Angeles suburb on Saturday night. Ten others wounded have been admitted to hospitals. Several of them are in critical condition.

The incident took place when the Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve celebrations were going on in the area where mostly Asians reside. Tens of thousands had gathered around the place as the two-day festival, that marks the beginning of the Chinese lunar calendar, began.

The gunman opened fire in the ballroom dance studio on West Garvey Avenue in Monterey Park, near the downtown blocks where the festival was being held, on Saturday night, the LA Times quoted the County Sheriff’s Department. The incident occurred at 10:22 pm, about 10 km east of Los Angeles, the police told reporters Sunday morning.

There was no info on the shooter who is at large. Nor do the police know whether the shooting was targeted.

While the firefighters pronounced 10 victims as dead at the scene, the injured 10 were taken to hospitals.

The owner of a seafood barbecue restaurant on Garvey Avenue just opposite the scene of shooting said he was told by people running away about a gunman with a semi-automatic gun firing indiscriminately and reloading. He said his friend who escaped the shooting told him later the club owner was among those killed.

The Lunar New Year festival was cancelled following the incident.

Recent mass shootings

Last Monday, a 10-month old baby, her 16-year-old mother and a grandmother were among six shot dead in Goshen in Tulare County.

Last time when a mass shooting took place in Los Angeles was on Christmas Eve in 2008. A man dressed as Santa Claus entered a home in Covina and shot nine people dead. In 1984, In San Ysidro McDonald’s, a gunman killed 21 people. In 2015, a terrorist attack claimed 14 lives in San Bernardino.

Located east of Los Angeles, Monterey Park is 65% Asian American, 27% Latino and 6% White, according to census data.

President Biden's reaction

President Joe Biden has been briefed by the Homeland Security about the Los Angeles shooting, it is reported.

Reacting to the North Carolina shooting on October 13, he had said, "There is so much gun violence that many killings do not even make the news anymore."

"Enough. We've grieved and prayed with too many families who have had to bear the terrible burden of these mass shootings," he said in a statement, a day after the shooting in Raleigh, North Carolina. Five people had lost their lives and two wounded. The shooter was just 15 years old.

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