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Kissinger, architect of modern American security and diplomacy, dies

Peace of a different genre was the driving force behind Kissinger's remarkable success and fame in the inter-national arena. But what was his destination?

A remembrance: Kissinger also apparently played a balancing act many a time. There was a thaw in US relations with India in 1974 after it sided with Pakistan in the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971. Kissinger arrived in Delhi in 1974 on an invitation by his counterpart, YB Chavan. That was a time when the world was small and security as seen today was unheard of for VIP movements. After his arrival he came to the only cultural centre Delhi had then, Mandi House, to address a gathering in a small auditorium where this writer then in his early twenties 'rubbed shoulders' with him (physically). There were lessons in his speech. He had a different formula for peace, a different genre. He looked absolutely dignified and mighty. Used to carry a brief case of the shape and size of the branded VIP suitcase and people used to say it had the nuclear button within. He wielded the American power then! He was at the pinnacle of his career.

KENT (Connecticut, US), Nov 30: Renowned diplomat and Nobel prize winner Henry Kissinger died at his home in Kent in Connecticut on Wednesday night at the age of 100, his consulting firm, Kissinger Associates Inc. announced on Thursday. The statement did not mention the immediate cause of death.

Active in his role till the last breath, in July last he had met Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing and a month earlier, he came to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address at the luncheon at the State Department jointly hosted by Vice-President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Antony Blinken. He was in a wheelchair.

He had in his long career visited India several times. There was a thaw in US relations with India in 1974 after it sided with Pakistan in the Indo- Pakistan war of 1971. Kissinger arrived in Delhi in 1974 on an invitation by his counterpart, YB Chavan. The then Indian Prime Minster Indira Gandhi had remarked that India was considered "marginal" to US' global strategy. She left for a Kashmir visit but he was given a warm welcome to the surprise of diplomatic circles. Kissinger himself said the Indo-US relations had sharply improved. Communists protested against his visit.

That was a time when the world was small and security as seen today was unheard of for VIP movements. After his arrival he came to the only cultural centre Delhi had then, Mandi House, to address a gathering in a small auditorium where this writer then in his early twenties rubbed shoulders with him (physically). He used to carry a brief case of the shape and size of the branded VIP suitcase and people used to say it had the nuclear button within. He wielded the American power then! The US was one of the just two nuclear powers.

A statesman who used his academics as the driver of his career in diplomacy and security, whose brilliance shaped American foreign policy direction and laid the foundation of a strong national security architecture whose power is perceptible in every nook and corner today. Which has in fact come to shape up today's robust foreign policy of power and persuasion. Kissinger's progress can be easily illustrated by a flowchart.

He brilliantly utilised his academic background as the foundation to build his career with phenomenal outcome. Holding both the offices of National Security Adviser and Secretary of State at the same time under Republican President Richard Nixon, which is a rare thing to happen in American history, he was able to integrate the national security architecture with foreign relations and diplomacy.

With the result that after John F. Kennedy and his successor, the American power structure is energised today by the invisible internal security architecture integrated with foreign relations Kissinger built up from his opportunity Nixon provided him unhesitatingly, rather than the persona of a President. Irrespective of who the President is, the system works to perfection. American security, both internal and overseas, is today automated!

Kissinger became the National Security Adviser after Nixon won the 1968 presidential election as he had occasion to serve Nixon's interests earlier. He took office in January 1969 as National Security Adviser and, after his appointment as Secretary of State in 1973, kept both titles, a rarity in American history. That was the pinnacle of his career.

He continued as Secretary of State under Nixon's successor Gerald Ford after Nixon resigned in 1974 amidst the Watergate crisis.

His career is decorated by the Vietnam accord, opening of diplomatic relations with China, the historic arms control talks with the erstwhile Soviet Union and bringing to an end the Cold War. He received the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize for ending the Vietnam war. The Paris Peace Accord was signed in January 1973. He was made Secretary of State. His career bloomed around this time.

In the initial period he tried to overthrow Chilean President Salvador Allende in the early 70s. In the India-Pakistan war of 1971, Nixon and Kissinger criticised India and sided with Pakistan forcing the Soviet Union to launch its warships in support of India.

The shuttle diplomacy during the Arab-Israeli conflict brought him fame. His spadework and secret China visit led to Nixon's historic summit with Chairman Mao Zedong. That was another landmark in his career.

The arms talks made progress with Ford and Kissinger visiting Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev. It was then that the concept of detente took shape in international relations. The tense US-Soviet relations started easing.

When Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, succeeded Ford in 1976, Kissinger's powerplay came to an end. He later set up a consulting firm in New York, started writing books and worked in the international arena on his own terms. He continued to be a figure to reckon with till end.

He was just brilliance personified. There was always a German influence in his speaking and writing as in his voice. He excelled in academics as in diplomacy and statecraft. Although people called him egoistic he was less vocal on personal matters. He advocated American interests and was a messiah of peace in the comity of nations.

A Germany-born Jewish refugee in the US, he strove for closer ties with Israel. He was born in Furth in Germany on May 27, 1923 and shifted to the US with family in 1938. He took a doctorate from Harvard University in 1954 and was on its faculty for 17 years.

He divorced his first wife Ann Fleischer in 1964 and married Nancy Maginnes in 1974. He had two children by his first wife.


The killing of a teacher in France by an Islamic radical last Friday is linked to the Israel-Hamas war in West Asia, say authorities.

Shocking news from the UK: Leading grocers have started bribing policemen with free food and drinks to persuade them to take action against shoplifters.

Shoplifting has risen by about 27 per cent in 10 major cities across the UK this year. The cost of retail crime last year was $2.15 billion. Besides, “We are seeing organised gangs threatening staff with weapons and emptying stores," Helen Dickinson, chief executive of the British Retail Consortium, said. Data shows that the police failed to respond to 73 per cent of serious retail crimes that included assault and abuse of workers, apart from shoplifting.

Isar Mohammad allegedly picked up a banana offered to Ganesh idol on Chaturthi at a makeshift temple in Delhi and consumed it.

Harris said hip-hop is “the ultimate American art form” that “shapes every aspect of American popular culture.” “Hip-hop culture is American culture,” she said in a talk at her official residence at the US Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.

The social media had mixed reaction. There was much appreciation that she dances better than any VP in American history. But some called her "moves" as “cringe” while others did not like her pink pants - "pink pants don’t look good.” In fact, her ensembles have always been incongruous.

"Let’s see how the (Governor's) Vice-Chancellors are given salary." Mamata's extreme statements will put the Marxist Government in Kerala, which is also facing similar issues, to shame. Has she begun the countdown for a war on the streets?

It's true Mamata has come to see a conspiracy to demolish the established systems across the country, but lacks the ability to foresee what exactly is being pushed.

Brandishing a sword, Mahant Paramhans told reporters on Tuesday he himself will behead MK Stalin's son for his remarks against Sanatan Dharma in case nobody came forward to accept his offer he made in his video. Udhayanidhi reacted to the saint's Monday video, "I will speak more. I am the grandson of the artist who put his head on the rail track for Tamil Nadu."

Somanath elaborated, "I am an explorer. I explore the Moon. I explore the inner space. So it's a part of the journey of my life to explore both science and spirituality. So I visit many temples and I read many scriptures. So try to find the meaning of our existence and our journey in this cosmos. So it's a part of the culture that we are all built to explore, find out the inner self as well as outer self. So for the outer, I do science, for the inner I come to temples." (See videos)

Rao the mathematical legend had fathered the path-breaking Rao-Blackwell theorem, one of the most important theorems in mathematical statistics, at the age of 25. That brought him global fame. He is also famous for his Cramér-Rao Bound inequality theorem relating to quality of estimators in statistics which has had a profound bearing on applications of modern economics and several other diverse fields. Simply put, with the pioneering statistician computation became a tool to analyse even socio-economic challenges of modern times.

The ISRO said on Thursday evening that after rolling out from Vikram lander to the Moon's surface in the previous night, Pragyan's rover mobility operation commenced during the day on Thursday. The exploration has started.

Chairman Somanath said everything is working very well.

The rover will mainly study the mineral composition of the moon, the ions and water ice***, its atmosphere and any seismic activities.

Chandrayaan-3 had successfully landed on the Moon's south pole on Wednesday at 6:03 pm as per schedule, making India the first country ever to touch down on the polar surface.

The alleged incident has received such a flash publicity that a standardised city's hugely middle class population will have second thoughts about eating outside for some time. Now everything on the table looks suspicious!

“All subjects directly connected to the people should be shifted to the State List. Particularly the subject of education. Only if this is done can cruel exams like NEET be abolished,” Stalin said. Education was moved from the State List to the Concurrent List with the 42nd Constitution Amendment made by the Central Government in 1976.

Decentralisation has been at the core of Tamil politics since the times of CN Annadurai. Stalin indicated there will be political changes in the offing.

TAILPIECE: While the Centre and the States are at loggerheads, it takes a different cognitive acumen to know that entrance tests are not the way for students' admission to courses.

A University of Florida Professor, Harrison Hove who was on the flight, posted on social media that the incident was "terrifying." He said, "I've flown a lot. This was scary ... The photos cannot capture the burning smell, loud bang or ear pops ... Something failed midflight and depressurized the cabin."

As recently as Tuesday Craig Robertson had posted on Facebook: "Perhaps Utah will become famous this week as the place a sniper took out Biden the Marxist." Biden was scheduled to make his first visit to Utah as President Wednesday afternoon.

  • Let's Go! The legal immigrants should be allowed the flexibility to change jobs and travel without obstacles. Doing away with the country cap on Green Cards only can do this easily.
  • Bureaucratic delays in the US legal immigration system are also a drag on the country's economy while leaving so many families in limbo, the Congressmen argued.
  • In fact, the country cap was introduced to ensure diversity of immigrants as well as to prevent monopoly by any one country like China leading to distortions in the American culture and politics in course of time.
  • In any which case, it is high time the US straightened its convoluted immigration laws for their own convenience and to allow the immigrants their basic rights!

Maruti is recalling 87,599 S-Presso and Eeco vehicles to inspect and possibly replace parts in the steering system. All reputed companies around the world do recall their products when a defect comes to light.

Meanwhile, a question arises why just in about a year so many accidents have taken place involving Mercedes sent to India while the car has won safety awards abroad? In most cases, the vehicle collided with divider, while manoeuvring a turn. Was there a split second delay in the steering system coming to a grip when at high speed? Did anybody in India bother to study a pattern in several of these accidents that took place one after other?

Former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry died when his Mercedes-Benz-SUV hit a divider in Gujarat. Cricketer Rishabh Pant's Mercedes-Benz-SUV rammed a divider in Uttarakhand and smashed. It went up in flames but he escaped with injuries. Brother of PM Narendra Modi, Prahlad Modi's Mercedes-Benz-SUV met with a similar accident in Mysuru. And many more.

  • Experts blame violation of the Visual Flying Rules (VFR) for most of the chopper crashes in the mountains as the leading cause. VFR means fly only visually - because of the lack of navigation aids in remote areas or unreliability of GPS-like aids in hilly terrains or a remote manipulation of instruments in cases of sabotage - as the topography plays havoc especially in the monsoon (mid-June to September).
  • Even when VFR is followed, most crashes occur due to CFIT (Controlled Flight into Terrain) - that is, everything else is OK but the aircraft collides with hills or trees hidden by the clouds. This also occurs mostly in the monsoon.
  • On Tueday with Manang, the chopper was brand new, pilot was highly experienced. But it hit an 'invisible' tree and then crashed against a hillside. This CFIT occurred when the pilot tried to dodge patches of clouds even as he was following the VFR.
  • Simply put, everyone knows flying in the hills during the monsoon is risky, but the companies want to make more money in any which case. This type of tragedy is very frequently invited in the Indian hill State of Uttarakhand as well, where pilots are even made to fly without the mandatory rest.

The new offer will enable H-1B speciality occupation visa holders in the US to apply for a Canadian work permit, while also offering study and work permit opportunities for their family members accompanying them.

The selected applicants will be granted an unrestricted work permit for a maximum period of three years. The IRCC will entertain 10,000 applications. The window is open for one year.

  • Curfew was clamped on areas in Paris on Thursday lasting till Monday. The police apprehend an escalation of volence in the coming days. There will be "actions targeted at the forces of order and the symbols of the State", they said.
  • Under present law, the police have brute powers to deal with traffic violators. Young Nahel was shot point-blank by a cop for purported traffic violation and an anticipated crime.

Way back when on June 20 EST after searches were launched, India Travel Times had, on an analysis of the data available, indicated the probability of Titan undergoing a sudden and massive implosion (inward collapse) at great depths. (SEE: Titanic expedition goes missing: A ray of hope from sounds of bang) Now videos taken by a Canadian robot that reached the floor on Thursday evening, June 22, has confirmed it. The fragments are lying scattered. Horizon Arctic's ROV robot found the debris 1600 ft from Titanic bow.

The submersible imploded at 500 metres above sea bed, if we go by our calculations. The water pressure it had to withstand at that point was 2,345 kg per sq inch. The hull was not built to take that, as per the court cases fought by concerned people at the time of building the sub and going by the details revealed in the cancellation of booking by at least one ocean expert.

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