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October 4, 2010

Allahabad procession to honour Ravana

Allahabad: Ahead of the Dussehra festival, scores of people participated in a grand procession to honour Ravana here on Sunday. The procession comprised of youths dressed in mythological attire, representing Ravana and his family members. The organisers of the event said it is a traditional ritual to honour and pray to Ravana. "On the 11th day of 'Pitr Paksha' (a fortnight during which Hindus remember and honour their ancestors), we are praying to Ravana and his entire family. He was the wisest demon as per the Indian mythology. That is why Hindu devotees pray to him," said Mohanlal Aggarwal, an organizer. "It is a traditional ritual, which we are performing, and we will follow it in coming days, as well," he added. At the procession, locals sought Ravana's blessings for attaining high intellect. "Ravana was famous for his brainpower and here he is being remembered for his intelligence. The grand procession is quite interesting," said Radha Gupta, a resident of Allahabad City. "His family members, including brothers, sons and great-grandsons are being represented in the procession. They are renowned in Indian mythology," she added.

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