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April 21, 2012

Bihu celebrations conclude in Assam

Guwahati: For over a week the reverberation of Rongali or Bohag Bihu celebrations continued in Assam with people dancing to the rhythm of the dhol with great enthusiasm. Hundreds of people gathered in Guwahati to celebrate Rongali Bihu, the most popular festival of Assam . Women clad in their traditional Bihu attires along with men wearing their Gamochas swayed to folk tunes to welcome the New Year. The festival is a time for merrymaking for Assamese people and this year’s Bihu has brought hopes of peace and prosperity. People are happy as the dark clouds of insurgency are fading away as talks continue between the government and militant groups. “Earlier the situation was not so good but now there is peace in the state and people feel free to come out and celebrate the festivals,” said Khagen Das, Local. Rongali Bihu also marks the beginning of the sowing season for the farmers. During the festival they worship cattle in an age-old tradition to show their gratitude for the services they provide. “During this festival we bring all the cows to the river and give them a bath. We believe that if the cattle get a bath in the river, then they will not fall sick and we can prepare for paddy cultivation,” said Anibeshon Baruah, another resident. During the festival people buy gifts and traditional food items like pethas. The demand for dhols and cymbals also goes up at this time. The festival gives a boost to economic activities, trade and commerce in the region. “Our business is doing well. It’s very good to do business during this festival. Through this we can earn huge profits,” said Bhabita Das, a trader. The festival is celebrated thrice a year in the form of Rongali, Kathi and Magh Bihu. Assamese people of all ages actively participate in it. Special training sessions are held for hundreds of students in Bihu dance that is performed during the festival. This also helps them learn more about the Assamese culture.

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