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July 28, 2012

Hot Bikram Yoga Team GB’s secret to gold success

London: With the Olympics upon us, the secret to the perfect physiques of some of the fittest athletes in the world going for gold has been revealed. It’s one of the hottest trends in fitness right now and a growing number of elite athletes, including members of Team GB, have known for a long time the benefits of Hot Bikram Yoga and have been incorporating it into their training regimes in their quest for gold medal success. Tennis star Andy Murray, basketball players Luol Deng and Eric Boateng as well as top sprinter Christian Malcolm are all fans of the 90 minute yoga class, the Daily Mail reported. British number one tennis player Andy Murray followed in the footsteps of fellow tennis stars Serena Williams and John McEnroe by taking up Bikram Yoga. “It’s helped a lot with my fitness and mental strength. I think there will be a huge improvement in my flexibility,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying. Under the expert guidance of Olga Allon, founder of the three Hot Bikram Yoga studios in London , Murray attended classes in Fulham and was recently spotted on court at Wimbledon striking a Bikram pose. The Hot Bikram Yoga studios have also welcomed a number of Olympic hopefuls who are training as part of their aspirations to be included in future Games. These include long distance runner Justina Heslop and beach volleyball’s Robin Miedzybrodzki. For those who take their sport seriously, more men and women are using Hot Bikram Yoga to train for events such as marathons, triathlons and the Marathon de Sables. For those unfamiliar with the hot new fitness trend, the class takes place in a room heated to 40 degrees Celsius and consists of a sequence of 26 repeated postures along with two breathing exercises. Thanks to the heat and humidity, a person can expect to burn over 600 calories at each session and the unique environment helps reduce the risk of injury, allowing muscles to stretch further without any aches or pain the following day. Although Hot Bikram Yoga has helped improve the performance of both professional and amateur athletes, this type of yoga is practiced by a wide range of people regardless of their age, shape, fitness or gender.

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