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Krishna temple in Ukraine’s Kherson damaged in Russian rocket attack: Roof destroyed

KHERSON (Ukraine), July 7: A Krishna temple in Ukraine’s Kherson has been damaged in Russian rocket attack in the continuing invasion of the country since February last year. The building has suffered extensive damage. Its roof has been destroyed by the rocket, it was reported on Thursday.

The idols have been shifted to another location fearing further attacks. Nobody was injured. The rooms in the complex have also been damaged.

On July 16 last year, two Food For Life devotees were killed in Alchevsk (Donbass) — Krsna-tattva Prabhu, director of the programme, and Madana- gopal Prabhu — were killed in a missile strike that hit the Food For Life kitchen. They had just returned after serving food to devotees and war victims to the FFL base when a missile attack destroyed the building, and they were buried under the rubble. Another devotee, Arjuna Prabhu, was injured and was taken to hospital, according to ISKCON News.

The Donbass FFL programme provided over 1000 hot prasadam meals weekly to civilians in the war-affected areas in Donbass since 2014 and increased its efforts throughout the ongoing Russia-Ukraine military conflict. They carry out charity programmes in orphanages, and rehabilitation centres for people with disabilities, organize hot meals at sports and social events and help elderly and disabled people in their homes, ISKCON said.

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