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'Curry King' Lord Noon, of cash-for-honours fame, was a generous man
Curry still cooking mystery for Brits
Saudi restaurant imposes 'wastage fee' on customers
Icon of American cooking Marion Cunningham dies at 90
Table manners soon to be history
Indian chef bags 'Chef of the Year' gong at Rammys Awards gala in Washington
Dress salads with canola or olive oil to get most nutrients out of veggies
Royal chef reveals Queen Elizabeth’s daily diet and fav meals
Mediterranean diet benefits mental and physical health
Cheryl Cole `testing culinary skills on Will.I.Am`
New restaurant Benares in NY showcases India’s diverse cuisine
Indian cookery guru Madhur Jaffrey to make TV comeback after 17 years
Diet experts warn Indians to stop increased consumption of junk food
Why a piece of pizza is so tempting after a stressful day
Steak, spaghetti beat tikka masala to third place as UK's favourite food
Chateau Lafite-Rothschild vintage wine sold for a record £147,020
Horsemeat, Australia's latest export to tickle aficionados' palates!
Mobile restaurant enthralls gourmets in Ahmedabad
'Kashmiri Pandit cuisine' festival in Srinagar
Britain's love affair with Indian curry hits 200-year landmark
Arabian food festival in Hyderabad
Indian cuisine a hit with foodies Down Under

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