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India Travel Times Provides News and Features on History and Legends and Mythology
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History, Legend & Mythology

Archaeologists discover tomb of Maya Queen K’abel in Guatemala
1,000-year old Buddhist statue made of meteorite found
Historic Tipu Sultan painting to be auctioned in UK
Joseph Goebbels’ early letters show warning signs of anti-Semitic tyrant
Adolf Hitler's birth house may be turned into apartments
Wolf Lair where Hitler escaped bomb blast to be a museum
Ill-fated Titanic’s captain had failed navigation test first time
Atrocities of Nazis revealed in secretly recorded conversations of German war prisoners
Ming dynasty ceramic fetches $1.3 m in auction
Wreckage of German WW II warplane found off Sardinia coast
Fossilized remains of 3 flying dinosaurs found in predator’s belly
2,000-year-old Roman era ship with food intact discovered off Italy
Modern culture emerged in South Africa 20,000 years earlier than thought
Letters to Hitler reveal how shaky his popularity was at times
Yugoslav dictator Tito `may have poisoned Stalin`
How Nazis' plan to kill Churchill with exploding chocolate, and take Britain was foiled
Largest ancient dam built by Maya in Central America uncovered
Documents reveal wealth seized by British after Tipu Sultan’s defeat
Roman jewellery discovered in ancient Japan tomb
Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre remains found behind London pub
First doctor’s report from Abraham Lincoln’s assassination unearthed
Vampire skeletons discovered by archaeologists prove legends of pagan rites across the Balkans
US officials to visit Arunachal Pradesh to find remains of WWII pilots
Incredible pics show $30m `Great Gatsby` mansion in all its former glory
Bethlehem may have existed centuries before Jesus: Archaeologists
‘Cursing stone’ discovered on Isle of Canna, a new insight into religious art
Ancient Buddhist temple found in China's Taklimakan desert
Newly discovered images give rare glimpse of life in India during British Raj
Gandharan city an endangered historical site
Buddha's parietal-bone relic flown back to Nanjing

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