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Yoga & Asanas

Yoga is 13th most popular physical activity among Australians
US research suggests yoga might improve mood
Bikram yoga ‘doesn’t really help you lose weight’
Meditation training improves long-term health of cells in the body
CRPF soldiers in Kashmir Valley receive yoga training to combat stress
Madonna to offer yoga training in her global gym chain
Hindus upset over Playboy's usage of yoga as erotica
Yoga beauty is A-Rod's new 'friend'
Yoga is one of the best ways to maintain health, Ramdev tells Buddhists
Yoga may have the power to fight fibromyalgia, a chronic disorder of widespread pain
Yoga benefits childhood cancer patients and their parents
US evangelical leader's 'yoga at odds with Christianity' comment stirs controversy
Yoga guru Ramdev decries corruption in Commonwealth Games
Yoga, Arnie's son's secret behind classic six-pack abs
Lauding a few Arizona schools for introducing yoga, Hindus urge all USA schools to launch yoga
US parking tickets with yoga instructions to calm recipients
Yoga king to become a rock star?
Meditation makes structural changes in brain and boosts functional efficiency
Prince Harry is hooked on Bikram yoga
Hindus welcome endorsement of yoga in a Catholic publication
Yoga better than walking for driving away anxiety, depression
Special yoga classes for breast cancer survivors boost recovery
11 hrs of meditation induces structural changes in brain, claims study
Injury cases due to lack of regulation in yoga practices rising in US
Spiritual healing gaining popularity in Varanasi
Learn yoga from cats and dogs!
Hindus disappointed at UK church banning yoga
LiLo to get yoga training for recovery in rehab
Church bans ‘un-Christian’ yoga
Hindus recommend launching Yoga in USA schools to tackle obesity crisis

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