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A festival to boost north-east culture begins in Delhi

         New Delhi: It was 'curtains up' for the eight-day long cultural fiesta to promote the culture and tradition of north-eastern States, here last evening. Artistes from Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya and Assam are participating in this programme. Dressed in their colourful traditional attire, the artistes enthralled the audience with their folk songs and dance performances. Hailing the initiative, the artistes noted that it would not only let know the outsiders of their culture, but also attract the locals look upto their own tradition. "We have almost forgotten about the culture which our forefathers have preserved for us. But, nowadays again government is taking it up in a very serious way.So, I think it will help this generation," said Vihoshe, an artiste from Nagaland. The artistes opined that they hoped to gathering like this would do a lot to bring together the entire India. "I think by gathering like this, they don't come together always know. But if they come in this programmes like this I pray, hope and believe one day, we will be one," said Tamemeka, an artiste from Arunachal Pradesh. Titled as 'Purvottari' or the Seven Sisters of the North East, this event has been sponsored by the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts with an aim to bring together the culture of North Eastern States and also bring in guidance for the future initiatives of the states. "What we are trying to demonstrate in Delhi is not only showcase our initiatives in North East, but also invite an critic from North Eastern youth and the community here and from scholar activists assembled from all over the North East about how our future initiatives should be seen and how it should be directed and guided," said K K Chakraborty, Member Secretary and Trustee, Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts.
-Jan 11, 2009

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