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Chandigarh's acting schools offer career options
by Sunil Sharma

     Chandigarh: The opening up of professional acting schools in Chandigarh has helped many young wannabe actors to take up acting as a career. One of such training institutes is `Actor Prepares' being jointly run by the Society for Tourism and Entertainment Promotions (STEPS) and noted actor Anupam Kher. It is one of India's finest acting schools and the students here are honing their skills to fulfill their dreams of stardom. A graduating batch at this acting school is presently producing a short film `Jassa' "This movie helped us so much, because by the end of the three months we also wanted to know how much we have gained, things, like how to stand while recording, and what is a frame. You learn here about 'over the shoulder shots' your expression and your body language. So this movie is all about what we have learnt," said Pooja, a student at the Institute. "It's a career in which you get name, fame and money. In other careers you may get money or just name but in this you get everything and I think that's what everyone wants here," said Anmol, another student. "These days we are working on `method acting'. Method acting teaches you to mold yourself into the character you are portraying. Your personal character shouldn't be seen. We have been taught this extensively. We are given proper training and exercises to improve our imagination, and put across our best," said Rahul, another student. Youth from Punjab, who did not have such opportunities earlier, now have a platform to nurture their talent. Besides, competent in-house faculty members at `Actor Prepares' is a roster of Bollywood celebrities who are a part of the school's visiting faculty. Above all, each student receives individual guidance from actor Anupam Kher. "I think the only industry, which has not been hit by recession, is the entertainment industry because the hunger for entertainment will always be there. The need for professional people-- actors, technicians, and directors help us in producing more professionals. We have a well known people in our faculty, and I can very proudly say that in the next five to seven years we will be able to prepare students from all over the world, who would be mainstream actors in the coming films," said Anupam Kher. There will be "breaks" for the talented young actors, as the Punjabi film industry is on the path of revival. In addition, Chandigarh and its surrounding areas have become favorite locales for shooting and this would mean more opportunities for the budding actors. Bollywood has many actors from Punjab - Kapoors , Khannas, and more recently the Deols. And now a pool of young talent from Punjab is looking forward to making its mark in the Indian film industry.
-Jan 16, 2009

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