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Artists in Orissa paint walls in traditional motifs
by Sharada Lahangir

     Bhubneshwar: Artists in Orissa painted walls in traditional motifs in an attempt to beautify the city as well as to promote the art form. Wall art has been introduced by the authorities as a part of a beautification drive to paint the ancient art and culture on the walls in a bid to give a glimpse into the illustrious past. Bhubneshwar has been transformed into a beautiful place, as walls smudged with posters and slogans have been replaced with various paintings. "Objective was to beautify the city. The city was looking awful because of various kinds of paintings on the wall. That is why suddenly we thought why don't we have some kind of painting that would protect the walls. At the same time, a very strong objective was to highlight the culture of Orissa," said Aparajita Sarangi, Municipal Commission. And the artists engaged for the noble task are cashing in on the wall paintings. Those who were finding it difficult to earn their bread and butter are now enjoying the work as well as making good money. "This gives us work and money. Apart from that, we want our city to become beautiful," said Krushna Chandra Mahapatra, an artist. A group of artists had launched this drive along with the Municipal Corporation to revive a fading conventional tribal art in a unique fashion. Later, many corporate houses also joined hands. Poster, slogans and graffiti have been wiped off to draw paintings of tribals, art, culture, festivals, village rituals, folk tales and portraits. The ethnic configuration of Orissa's populace, a mosaic of over 62 varieties of culturally significant tribal communities, has also been portrayed on the walls.
-Jan 20, 2009

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