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Orissa hosts classical music festival
by Sarada Lahangir

     Bhubaneshwar: Orissa recently hosted a classical music festival in the backdrop of an 11th century temple in a bid to promote tourism. Hundreds of music lovers gathered here to savour the essence of Indian classical music blended with the architectural beauty of 11th century Rajarani temple. The three day long festival that concluded on Tuesday provided a platform to over 11 artists who showcased both classical Indian music and non traditional music. "The basic objective of this festival is to present our traditional music," said Kirodh Patnaik, General Secretary, Bhubneshwar Music Circle. The festival saw impressive performances by maestros of Indian classical music. "These kinds of festivals are very important to bring musicians together and to give a place like Bhubaneshwar a cultural uplift," said Bidhushi Bombay Jayashree, a classical Indian musician. The festival also afforded an opportunity for visitors to the state from abroad to get a peep into Indian classical music heritage. "Its very nice, good music. I love Indian classical music," said Yuki, a tourist from Japan. Called as the land of temples, Orissa houses several temples with delineation of religious architecture. Rajarani temple is one of the most notable monuments, carved out of red and gold sandstone.
-Jan 22, 2009

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