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Manipuri theatre artistes raise issues of social importance
by LCK Singh

     Imphal: Theatre art has been known for raising current issues and creating social awareness among people through entertainment. In Manipur, theatre artistes are highlighting current issues. This was witnessed recently on the occasion of World Theatre Day 2009 here, which was organised by Theatre Centre in partnership with the Public Theatre Artiste Association and Manipur State Kala Academy at Nambol Phoijing to promote and encourage the art form. "Our feelings and thoughts are suppressed within ourselves. And in the process, we tend to take the wrong path. Through the medium of theatre, we get a platform to express ourselves. It provides a way to depict the truth of the society," said Domorendro Akham, Theatre Director. On this occasion, theatre artists staged the play "Sharen Sha" which showcased the rich cultural heritage of the state. Theatre artists said that they were also working towards bringing peace, harmony and understanding in the region through their plays. "Through theatre we can showcase our state's rich culture and tradition. We have been encouraged by our elders to join theatre as theatre is being highly appreciated in the state," said A. Inaomacha Singh, one of the artistes. "We are depicting all the incidences occurring in Manipur and trying to help in bringing some solutions to the ongoing problems. Our aim is to reach to the greater masses by imparting such messages," said L. Bembem Devi, another artiste. Theatre movement has gained strength over time and has become significant in the state. Now there are more than 100 Theatre centres affiliated with the Theatre Centre in Manipur providing opportunities to the youth. The state is playing a major role in promoting its unique theatre forms in contemporary theatre both nationally as well as internationally.
-Apr 24, 2009

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