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Underprivileged girl students learn theatre skills in Uttarakhand
by Vipul Goel

     Sitarganj (Uttarakhand): Girl students at the Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV) in Sitarganj in Uttrakhand are learning theatre and drama skills for their personality development. Most of the girls getting education in this school are from the financially and socially weaker section of the society who had to leave school due to poverty and various other reasons. In order to boost the confidence among these girls, school authorities thought of improving their overall persona through theatre. "I think there is no better way of learning other than the theatre. Theatre teaches the true way to lead the life and only those who are experienced in the behavioral art can lead a better life," said D N Bhatt, the programme coordinator. During the month-long special workshop, students are learning drama skills, communication, public speaking, computers and a host of other things for personality development. This workshop has fueled a new level of confidence level among students. "We learned how to perform on stage. Now, we can confidently speak in front of others. A new kind of confidence has emerged in us. Now, we are capable of putting forth our voice in a more powerful manner in front of others," said confident Mamta, a student. Riding high on confidence, these marginalized girls are capable of realizing their dreams. "I want to be a police inspector and serve our parents. Now, I can say that I would definitely realise my dreams one day. I believe that I am following the right path and I can see my destination clearly. Now, nobody could stop me from realising my dreams. I have learned a lot here in Kasturba," said Suman, another student. Besides providing elementary education to girls, KGBV is also imparts training in various other fields like stitching, hand embroidery and painting. The KGBV scheme was launched by the Government in August, 2004 for setting up residential schools at upper primary level for girls belonging to financially and socially weaker section of the society.
-May 6, 2009

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