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Nagaland's Visedele, a promising painter
by Vibou Ganguly

     Kohima: Visedele, a young boy of Nagaland despite being just a ninth grader at a Government Higher Secondary School in Kohima has developed himself into a promising painter. Drawn to paint and brush at first when he was barely three, Visedele interest developed gradually. Today, the grown up boy is busy spreading a message of love, joy and peace through his work of arts. Visedele claims that he never had any formal training. His source of inspiration remained cartoon characters. He has already participated in various school-level exhibitions. Presently, he paints banners, signboards, portraits, and natural landscape. "The message, which I want to convey through my painting, is love, to show the meaning of love. By love, we get peace, joy and also its by love we can conquer many ills. That is the message I want to convey," says Visedele. Support from his family, church and well-wishers have encouraged Visedele to devote himself to deliver the best of him to his passion of painting. "We started working together since last year. He is very active and is very determined. He is very committed to artwork," said Visedele's aunt. Visedele aspires to become a renowned painter and architect. And, his family and loved ones believe his hard work and determination will surely pay off in the long run.
-June 17, 2009

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