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Naseeruddin Shah unveils a novel in Mumbai

     Mumbai: In an event jointly hosted by Crossword India 's Lifestyle Bookstore and Harper Collins India , actor Naseeruddin Shah released 'Arzee, the Dwarf', a comical fiction penned by Chandrahas Choudhury in Mumbai. Naseeruddin Shah told the gathering that the book has been very well written and congratulated the young author for conceptualising and compiling those thoughts in the form of truly a nice book. "He at such young age has written a book. I am very impressed. The book has an unusual subject and it is very well written," said Naseeruddin Shah. Along with the author, Shah also read out certain interesting passages from it. Speaking to the media persons, Chandrahas Choudhury said that it is a comical fiction based on the life and experience of a dwarf. "This is a story of a man whose height is 3 feet 6 inches. It talks about his pain and troubles faced by him in life. It is also a comedy book. Basically this is a novel about his life," said Chandrahas Choudhury. As for the theme of the novel, it is the saga of a man searching for the ingredients of a normal life. And interestingly, Arzee is a half-Hindu and half-Muslim midget who works as a projectionist in a decrepit cinema theatre called Noor.
-June 20, 2009

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