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Exhibition of wooden sculptures in Bhopal
by Ramchandra Sahu

     Bhopal: A unique exhibition depicting art in wood attracted hundreds of visitors in Bhopal . O P Kushwaha, a renowned wood and rock sculptor had crafted these beautiful artifacts. For his artistry, he has been honoured with numerous awards and commendations. There were sculptures depicting Hindu Gods, Jesus Christ holding a cross and walking, people offering prayers at the Mecca and many other creations depicting the highest degree of craftsmanship on wood. Most of the visitors admitted that they were amazed to see excellence in carving and finishing on a medium that could be mere wood for the rest of the world. "The subject matter and the carvings of these paintings are extremely artistic. The finishing is marvellous. After witnessing such artwork it seems that the artist does possess expertise in his work. He has literally toiled and he has done lot of practice before actually carving these paintings (sculpture)," said Suresh, a visitor. Apart from wooden artifacts and allied carvings, Ramcharitmanas (the great Hindu scripture and poetic classic) on wood was also on display. The master sculptor Kushwaha said that these paintings could last for around 1000 years. "There are many people who can make paintings on canvas... there are students of fine arts who and other people are involved in canvas paintings but they will not make sculpt or do paintings on wood...the second thing is that these artifacts can last for around 1000 years since they are made on the wood of Saguan (teak tree)," P Kushwaha added. He further said that he is keen to popularise the wooden art of Madhya Pradesh not only in India but around the world. Madhya Pradesh is renowned for its remarkable art in wood.
-July 8, 2009

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