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Tributes paid to eminent theatre personalities in Shimla
by Hemant Chauhan

     Shimla: A play based on a famous Indian novel, Devdas was recently staged at 122-year-old Gaiety theatre to pay tributes to some eminent theatre artistes and playwrights. 'Devdas' was performed by some promising theatre artistes to pay tributes to late theatre personalities like Habib Tanvir and Manohar Singh. The director of the play, Abhimanyu felt that the play was perfect to pay tribute to the unforgettable theatre personalities. "It is a proud moment for us to pay tribute to such personalities because they have given us a path on which we are supposed to walk among all the hurdles and in the end we will reach our destination where we can earn honour and dignity for ourselves. Even they earned it after much hard work and we salute them for that," said Abhimanyu. Residents were very happy to see young artists performing in Gaiety where actors like Prithvi Raj Kapoor, K.L Saigal, Pran, Prem Chopra, Anupam Kher, Shashi Kapoor, Jennifer Kendall and Naseeruddin Shan have given performances. Novelist Rudyard Kipling too has performed on the Gaiety stage. "A tribute to the senior artistes that is what this play is all about. As you just said that the play has been performed on the stage for the first time after its reopening on June 25, I think it's a great tribute to the artistes who have gone," said Captain Dhiman, a resident. Built by the British in 1889, in Victorian gothic style and said to be a copy of the Royal Albert hall in London, the theatre was closed for renovation and was reopened on June 25.
-July 9, 2009

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