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'Control tower' Bruni's 'body and soul' makeover for Sarkozy

     London: Carla Bruni has apparently been inspiring her husband President Nicolas Sarkozy with a relentless self-improvement campaign. The French President was said to have given up chocolate, pastries and ice cream and often reportedly relied on mealtimes with a plate of fruit and cottage cheese under the former supermodel's alleged influence, reports The Times. His fitness regime reportedly included jogging three times a week for up to one hour, along with exercises on the lawn of the Elysée Palace with Julie Imperiali, Bruni's personal trainer. Le Point magazine claimed that the fitness fad was directed by his "control tower" wife, who had also introduced her better half to fashionable thinkers. These reportedly included Raphaël Enthoven, the philosopher and father of Aurélien, her eight-year-old son, and Frédéric Mitterrand, nephew of the former Socialist president. Under Bruni's guidance, the politician was also said to have familiarised himself with artists including Bob Dylan, David Lynch and Woody Allen. Bruni was also believed to be the reason behind Sarkozy dressing in darker, more sober suits and British shirts in a bid to make him look more presidential.
-August 2, 2009

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