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Concept clothing, a new development in Chandigarh
by Sunil Sharma

     Chandigarh: Concept clothing is the new thing in Chandigarh. Three entrepreneurs got together and set up an outlet called 'Emerge' in, which a unique ambience has been created to attract new-age customers. It's a new concept store selling garments of well-known international brands. The store in Chandigarh's Sector 10 looks like a `garage', but is successfully attracting customers with its `different' look. The idea is not to place clothes on shelves but to have an unusual display. Designed by Karan Sharma and Anjit, the outlet is a hit among the youngsters. "We have tried to give such kind of an ambience which can actually give good feel that all the clothing brands now have become very monotonous. So, we have tried to give some kind of different experience in the whole thing. We play loud music in the store," said Karan Sharma, owner. Chandigarh has a huge appetite for international brands sold at these concept stores. With the arrival of IT professionals in the region, the demand for designer clothing, shoes and other accessories has gone up. On weekends, the store is jam-packed. Concept clothing outlets are a new development in Chandigarh, and are trying to tap the growing market by offering a unique shopping experience to young people. "It's a different store. Its quite comfortable and the people are also quite friendly," said Tanya, a customer. Purushottam Manchanda, another customer said, "The concept is very good. I have not seen it anywhere before. In their interiors decoration, they have designed actual street in the store. I liked it very much." Since its inception a year ago, 'Emerge' has become extremely popular. Besides clothing, it has a collection of accessories like telephone instrument in form of lips, posters of legends and icons and different knick-knacks. After its success in Chandigarh, a similar store was recently opened in Jalandhar. By 2010, 'Emerge' plans to have eight to ten stores in different parts of north India.
-August 14, 2009

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