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Pakistani beauty queen competes in the fifth
largest beauty pageant

     Toronto (Canada): Defying all odds and unfavourable conditions, a Pakistani beauty queen is competing in the world's fifth largest beauty pageant- Miss Tourism Queen International 2009 being held in Shanghai . Ayesha Gilani, who hails from Lahore , is in Shanghai to compete with other 81 beauties from around the world. The five feet seven inch tall beauty who has completed her Masters in English from Washington , said she is thrilled to represent her country on such a big platform. " I am so honoured that I have got this title and am representing Pakistan, as it is today Pakistan needs a very moderate and liberal representation for the world to see,' Gilani said. Gilani said she wants to remove stereotypes about Pakistanis and represent the real picture of her country infront of the world. "We are doing something different and hopefully whatever little I can do to contribute I will do so. Winning is not very important to me, but being there wearing my country's sash is what I'm looking forward to," she said. Gilani is only the seventh Miss Pakistan to step out of the country and compete in an international event. She is the fourth contestant from Pakistan since the pageant started five years ago. Pakistani officials said it was important to send participants in such contests to keep the industry active in the country amid all the chaos. "It is very important to keep Pakistan 's pageant industry alive amongst all the turmoil Pakistan faces on a daily basis. We are dedicated to prolonging the pageant industry and keeping it as active as possible. With Ayesha Gilani going to international beauty pageants, this shows that we are still going head strong," said Sonia Ahmed, President of Miss Pakistan World. Miss Tourism Queen International was founded by Mr. Charlie See in 1949. In 1993, the Miss Tourism Queen International Organization held the first world final competition in Sri Lanka.
-August 19, 2009

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