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     Low-fat food of no use in fighting flab, say experts

     Melbourne: Those trying to lose weight may not benefit from the so-called low-fat food, say dietary experts. Experts warn that some 'skinny foods' are no different than chocolates or other high-fat options. They insist that having so-called light food can sometimes result in consuming the same amount of kilojoules as eating 'full-fat' varieties. Experts caution that over-eating of low-fat biscuits, light yoghurts and low-carb beers can be waist-bloating. And though many of those items may be light in kilojoules they could be responsible for hunger pangs only 10 minutes later. Dietician Clare Evangelista, from the Dietitians Association of Australia, said so-called diet drinks were also a waste. "Recent research suggests people who consume large amounts of diet soft drink do not weigh less than those who don't," the Courier Mail quoted Evangelista as saying. "This may be because after drinking diet soft drink, the body does not get the fluctuation in blood-glucose levels that helps tell the body we are full. "So, drinking diet soft drink may increase food cravings and feelings of hunger," Evangelista added.
-August 23, 2009

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