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BSF personnel celebrate 'Lohri' at
India-Pakistan border

     Akhnoor (J-K): Taking a break from their duties, Border Security Force (BSF) personnel celebrated 'Lohri' on Monday at the India-Pakistan international border in Kashmir. Sounds of happy laughter, songs and cheering rang out from the check post in Jammu and Kashmir's Akhnoor District as the personnel got together to celebrate the festival with gaiety. The celebration came as breather when escalating tension between the two countries required extra vigilance at the border. Such festivities act as stress buster for the personnel. "We generally ensure all things that whenever festival comes they enjoy in a fervent way. Basically these festivals are stress busters, since border duties are very stressful. We ensure that these festivals are celebrated in a very fervent manner," said Abhimanyu Singh, Deputy Commandant, BSF. Lohri, celebrated with fervour across North India, marks the beginning of a new financial year for the peasants. On this day, farmers settle the division of products of the land between themselves and the tillers. Eatables such as dry fruits, popcorn, sesame seed and molasses are first thrown in the fire and later served to everyone. On the occasion of this festival everyone puts on the best clothes. People also exchange gifts and give sweets to each other to share the joyous moments of the festival.
-Jan 13, 2009

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