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Honeymoon couples celebrate Lohri in Shimla
by Hemant Chauhan

     Shimla: Honeymoon couples celebrated Lohri festival by singing traditional songs and dancing around bonfires. The popular festival of North India is celebrated on January 13 every year. "The climate, the bonfire all the things are very exciting," said Ashish, a tourist from Mumbai. The occasion is considered good for the hotel and tourism industry as large number of tourists pour in for the festivities. "It is very good for tourism business. Celebrating Lohri in Shimla becomes a memorable event for them. It attracts tourists," said Harnam Kukreja, president of Shimla Hotels Association. For peasants, Lohri marks the beginning of a new financial year because on this day they settle the division of products of the land between themselves and the tillers. Eatables such as dry fruits, popcorn, sesame seed and molasses are first thrown in the fire and later served to everyone. On the occasion of this festival everyone puts on the best clothes. People also exchange gifts and give sweets to each other to share the joyous moments of the festival.
-Jan 13, 2009

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