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'Suhkrunye' celebrations in Nagaland

     Kohima: The spectacular festival Nagaland, 'Suhkrunye' is being celebrated with great splendor and gaiety in Phusachodumi village of Phek District. The fortnight long festival is eminent for the Chakhesang tribe of Nagaland, who celebrate it to sanctify young boys and girls and also to seek blessings for a bountiful and prosperous year ahead. People of the Phusachodumi village attribute their community bondage and traditional culture to such festivals. We are moving towards modern tradition, say western culture. Even though we have to move forward as it helps us to be progressive, we should preserve our culture and tradition because we have a very rich culture. We cannot lose it because it is really worth preserving and help to realise our identity," said Shenieta, a local. Chakhesang tribe started their Suhkrunye celebrations, which will go on till middle of February "This festival is to promote social bonding, family relationships and also improves the social lives," said Chotisuh Sazo, Secretary of Social Welfare and Women Development, Government of Nagaland. The festivities are marked by the folk songs and showcasing of colourful dances by various cultural groups. Feasting and drinking 'Roxy' (rice brew) are also an integral part of this lively festival.
-Feb 10, 2009

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