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Nagas in Manipur celebrate Lui Ngai-Ni festival
by LCK Singh

     Lambung (Manipur): Nagas settled the Lambung, in Manipur's Chandel District recently celebrated the annual seed-sowing festival of Lui-Ngai-Ni, which endeavours to conserve their cultural identity. Young men and women belonging to various Naga tribes such as Anal, Chothe, Lamkang, Moyon, Monsang, Tarao and Maring performed spectacular folk dances and sang songs. A hallmark of the Lui-Ngai-Ni has been that it is held to promote peace, harmony and the Naga cultural identity. The organiser was confident that such a festival would help to bring peace and prosperity among people. " Through this festival we would like to give our strong message of Peace," said Tolkham Maring, General Secretary of Chandel Naga People Organisation and organizer of Lui Ngai Ni Celebration committee. "I am very happy because this is an important festival of Nagas. Besides that, we also get a chance to know many people," said Stacy Maring, a spectator. During this festival, the Gods of crops is invoked to shower his blessing on the sawed seeds of their cultivation so that it grows to bear fruit for a bumper harvest that the general well-being of the people is ensured.
-Feb 21, 2009

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