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Asaram Bapu celebrates Holi with his
devotees in Nagpur

     Nagpur: Popular Indian seer Asaram Bapu played Holi with devotees at his ashram in Nagpur city on Monday. Holi, which is celebrated to mark the triumph of good over evil, would be celebrated across the country on March 11. Hundreds of devotees gathered to celebrate the festivities with the seer as he sprinkled colours on them. Devotees and followers danced to music and enjoyed every bit of the occasion. On the occasion Asaram Bapu propagated the use of natural colour, as the artificial colours available in the markets are toxic and harm people in many ways. "Palash and marigold flowers should be dipped in water a day before Holi. They should be boiled in the morning after adding a few drops of cooking oil and then Holi should be played with this colour," he said. The festival of Holi brings together people from all classes and age groups. People celebrate by distributing sweets, taking out processions and dancing to the tunes of drums in a mélange of colours.
-Mar 9, 2009

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