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Devotees play Holi with natural dyes in Vrindavan
by Brijesh Kumar Singh

     Vrindavan: Thousands of devotees played Holi with traditional yellowish-orange coloured water, extracted from dried Tesu flowers here where according to legend Lord Krishna played Holi with the Gopis. Hindus believed that Tesu flowers possess medicinal property, besides being non-toxic. "The artificial colours available in the market are toxic and harm people in many ways. The natural colour extracted from Tesu is skin friendly and contains medicinal properties," said Madan Gopal Goswami, an employee. Devotees were overwhelmed with the freshness of flowers. "The colours which are used in the temple are safe and don't cause any effect on skin. For last several days, we have been playing Holi. The devotees are welcomed with the freshness of flowers," said Meera Mahajan. Every year thousands of devotees from all across the country visit Lord Krishna Temple in Vrindavan and witness the unique celebrations of the Brij region.
-Mar 10, 2009

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