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'Holi' celebrated in a unique way in Mathura
by Brijesh Kumar Singh

     Mathura: Festive spirit continues in Mathura where women celebrate 'Holi', by tearing away the clothes of their menfolk and beating them with it. The special "Kapra Phar" (tearing-cloth) Holi was played at Baldev village in Mathura . The celebration is called "Huranga" which the locals say is the bigger of "Holi" festivities. While the focal point of "Holi" celebrations is Lord Krishna, "Huranga" is based on Lord Balram, elder brother of Lord Krishna. Huranga is celebrated inside the campus of the temple of Lord Balram . "Men and women gather at the temple to celebrate this festival. The women tear away the clothes of the men and beat the men with it. But the main thing is that the women will tear only the clothes men are wearing on the upper body portion. According to tradition, this is celebrated only by the sister-in-law and brother-in-law," said Ghanshyam, a priest. The celebration attracts domestic and foreign tourists in large numbers. "It is a very colourful festival. It is a very big festival which one rarely gets to see in life, " said J.P Verma, a devotee. Celebrated in the month of Phagun (February-March) according to the Hindu calendar, Holi is associated with the uninhibited expression of love and affection. The festival also marks the onset of spring. Celebrated at the onset of spring, the festival also holds a mythological importance - that of the triumph of good over evil.
-Mar 13, 2009

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