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Meghalaya celebrates Elvis Presley 75th birth anniversary
by Hempi D. Henpilen

     Shillong (Meghalaya): To mark the 75th birth anniversary of Elvis Presley, the legendary figure in the history of rock and rolls, recently a concert was organized by his fans in Meghalaya. The Elvis Presley fan club in Shillong has over 10 members. Although Presley's birthday falls on January 8th, the fans performed the evergreen Elvis hit number on stage to revive the old glory of the rock star among the Elvis fans and people in the city. Another objective of the concert was to aid a voluntary project, 'CHILDLINE', as a part of extending support to the organization for the welfare of children in distress. Donboklang Dohling, member of the fan club feels glad with the present turnout and expects a huge response to such Presley concerts in future. " I am glad with the turnout we are getting. So we hope that the interest will grow again like it was earlier. I do hope for a bigger response. Of course this is our first show, which our club is doing. We will try to make our show grander in future," said Donboklang Dohling, fan and mimicry artist of Elvis Presley. The concert also attracted several international Elvis fans that were cheering among the crowd. " When I heard of the concert of Elvis Presley here, I directly flew here to look at the concert because I am like a fan of Elvis Presley," said Mutita Soontornvipat, an audience from Thailand. Elvis Presley may have died 32 years ago but there are music lovers in Shillong who can sing like him with a voice and music that is more or less like the 'King of Rock and Roll'. Shillong is also home to the Elvis Presley imitators.
-May 15, 2009

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