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Dance festival promotes national integration in Kargil
by Afzal Bhat

     Kargil (J-K): A colourful dance festival, featuring artists from all parts of the country, was recently organised here by the Indian Army to mark the 10th anniversary of the Kargil war and to acknowledge the help and cooperation of the people of Kargil. Artists from all over the country came together to perform and spread the message of unity and integration. Bamboo dance of Mizoram, the very lively 'Bhangda' from Punjab, martial arts from Assam , were all part of the festival. The Indian army believes that the people of Kargil have been very helpful during all the wars that India has seen, the dance festival was a way to acknowledge this help. "The people of Kargil have helped and cooperated with the army in all the wars, from 1948 to 1999, so we wanted to create a strong interface between the people and the army. We also wanted to entertain them and promote integrity," said Brigadier Amarjeet Singh, Indian Army. The artists were enthusiastic and believed that such efforts help connect people and should be encouraged especially in a country that is so diverse. "When we all come together in programmes like these, we interact and get a chance to know each other. We are sending a message of love and integrity through this programme," said Keval, a dancer from Punjab . Located in the Ladakh region of the state, Kargil is near the line of control (LOC) between India and Pakistan . An armed conflict between the two countries flared up here in 1999.
-July 23, 2009

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