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A colourful flower show in Bangalore

     Bangalore: A flower exhibition is underway at the Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bangalore showcasing wide range of colourful varieties of flowers. The show will continue till August 16. The floral splendour is attracting several visitors from all over India to have a glimpse of splendid flowers. "It is very exciting and very different from the normal every flower show. It has got some themes also like dinosaurs, fishes, dolphins and aero shows. It is fantastic overall and very nice," said Girish, a visitor. The floral arrangement is different and rare medicinal plants are on display. The teddy bears created out of red and pink roses and dinosaur made out of 50,000 flowers is a hit among young children visiting the show. Also, another great attraction at the display is a mermaid scantily clad with flowers. "Its really beautiful, especially the orchids and also the mermaid. Its overwhelming to see all this," said Jaya, another visitor. Also, a miniature replica of glasshouse and aeroplanes made out of banana leaves is vowing maximum number of visitors. Around 50 exotic species of flowers are displayed at the show. Thai Arts made their debut for the first time in the flower show.
-August 11, 2009

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