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Amritsar's studded traditional jewellery has a glitter
by Ravinder Singh Robin

     Amritsar: Punjab has traditionally been a paradise for those who love traditional jewellery, gold, platinum and silver items studded with precious stones. However, Amritsar city, known for its Golden Temple, also produces a fascinating variety of traditional and latest designs in studded jewellery. Traditional gold ornaments encrusted with precious stones are the pride of Amritsar. Most of the craftsmen here are the natives of Amritsar. It takes them many days to prepare a studded necklace with various precious stone and give it the final shape. According to Surinder Singh, a studded jewellery manufacturer, it' been his ancestral profession. The clients of Suvinder Singh say: "He learnt it all from his father. Many skilled labourers were involved in manufacturing the studded jewellery and everyone is well paid, as the work requires speciality of the Amritsar artisans." Especially, the work of artisans of Guru Bazaar is not only appreciated by the domestic customers but also by foreigners who throng the bazaar for shopping. "The gorgeous ornaments studded with precious and semi precious stones are also manufactured as per the specification of the customers. Even if you find any Sheikh's wife wearing studded jewellery, I bet that must be manufactured in Amritsar, Shanker claimed. Most of the old jewellers in the Guru Bazaar possess a big variety of jewellery for all occasions and especially for weddings. Over 50,000 families have been traditionally engaged in manufacturing gold jewellery. "I came here to buy traditional Amritsari jewellery as my brother got engaged so we decided to buy studded jewellery for his wife. Moreover, it is available in good designs, a good collection, and excellent variety," said Dr. Darpan. Dr. Sushma, another customer, said that the attractive jewellery items of Amritsar traditional jewellery were tempting all ladies. Due to its multicolor and royal look it suits all type of clothes, she added. Jewellers feel that if the State government takes some steps to encourage the industry it would help it to create a market for itself worldwide.
-August 11, 2009

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