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Mudumalai Tiger Reserve has a new baby elephant and panther cub
by Jehova G

     Coimbatore: The Mudumalai Tiger Reserve in the Tamil Nadu's Nilgiri district is witnessing many visitors eager to have a glimpse of two new arrivals-a baby elephant and a panther cub. Wildlife authorities here are nurturing these two babies, who are of the same age. Both were recently rescued. The Mudumalai Tiger Reserve officials recently rescued the baby panther after villagers informed that it had fallen into a small pit. The officials also rescued a 10-day-old elephant calf. "We have rescued two animals in the recent days. We have rescued one elephant calf which is about 10-days old and recently two days back we have rescued panther cub which is 10-day old. They are very very young so we are struggling hard to rear them. But we are taking all the precautions, atmospheric things like stimulating natural environment we are giving natural milk ... so both animals are recovering well," Kalaivanan, forest veterinary doctor, Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, said. The panther cub is being fed with milk, extra protein food and is being kept in isolation. To keep the cub warm, an infra-red light is beamed from outside a cardboard box. The baby elephant is fed milk and extra protein supplements. Only the doctor and mahouts are allowed to enter this inter-protection centre.
-August 12, 2009

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